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What are the Pros and Cons of owning a Ford F-150 (any year)?

Asked by kennygee (35points) June 3rd, 2012

Im 20 and I’ve been driving a 1998 Isuzu Rodeo aka Crap, and I’m looking to upgrade.

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pro: It’s the most common vehicle in the US (I think) so used models and repair parts are cheap and knowledgeable mechanics are easy to find

con: It’s big so fuel economy sucks and parking is a pain in the ass

conclusion: If you haul cargo it’s a great option, if it’s just transportation buy a Civic or Corolla.

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I have a Ford 150 ecoboost. it’s a 2012. It has back seats, a regular four door, and the shorter bed. The truck is very long overall. The leg room for the back seats is huge. Of course the back seats flip up and then the storage inside the cab in back is very ample. The front bucket seats are very comfortable. Ours has all the gadgets: navigation, satelite, heated and cooled seats, etc.

When you open the back of the bed there is a step that flips out and a post to hold onto so you can easily step up onto the bed instead of having some sort of separate step.

One negative is that like most trucks the gas mileage is not great. I think we get an average of 18 MPG. When we haul our trailer it is around 12 mpg. Hauling is very good with this truck though. The power is excellent, and the automatic downshifting for steep hills works well. You don’t have to have a separate brake added for a trailer. We do have the upgrade to a large sized gas tank, which helps a lot when hauling on long trips.

Another negative is like most very large vehicles there are quite a few blind spots on the side, especially lower to the ground. However, the back-up camera is very good. I wish it had sensors on the front for obstacles ahead.

If you just get the two seater and small bed I guess it isn’t too large. I persinally can’t understand getting a truck as huge as mine unless there was a specific pratical reason. But, I know a lot of people who just love to drive huge vehicles. Also, even without all the gadgets the interior would be very comfortable and visually appealing.

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@JLeslie ..I REALLY appreciate your answer. Your truck sounds AH-MAZING haha, but it seems like the main negative is with gas mileage (but that’s expected). I LOVE pick-ups, especially Fords, buuttt it looks like an SUV is my best choice.

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You can go around saying “Git r Done!” and get away with it!

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Why is an SUV your best choice? My truck has more space in the back of the cab than my SUV had in the very back. Deoends on the SUV I guess. If you need to seat 4 or 5 people and have storage in the cab then I understand why you might feel as you do. We put a cover on the bed of our truck that keeps the water out pretty well, but not completely water tight. You can get a cover that will protect the bed completely from water.

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@Ponderer983 lmao…
@JLeslie mainly because they get more mileage to the gallon, atleast that’s what I’ve heard, but other than that, I still cant help but to want a truck, being that I dont need alot of seating room since its just me.

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@kennygee Depends on the SUV and depends on the truck. If my truck was smaller the version I think it would be basically the same in gas mileage as my SUV I traded in.

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@JLeslie yeahhh, you’re right. Thanks again for your input!! :)

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Just do your research on the trucks and SUV’s you like.

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