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Is there any way to prevent the death of Fluther questions?

Asked by jcs007 (1773points) May 29th, 2008 from iPhone

I noticed that once questions leave the front page, they die. It seems like no one cares about an old question. =(

So do you think there is a way to give hope to these aging inquiries?

I was actually thinking if questions could be organized into catagories. That way, we can peruse through topics that interest us.

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If you look at the topics link on the front page, some questions are organized by topic. I do think however that the search function is not as good as it could be. Even when I know exactly what question I am looking for, it frequently doesn’t end up being one of the top hits in a simple search.

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I still think it would be a really good idea if with every new response the thread moves up to the top, that way more people see it and when the conversation is really over then the thread inself just moves down naturally

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I like looking at the old threads, but have not found search an easy proposition either.

The other day I was searching for a thread I had been looking at that day and could not find it. Gailcalled to the rescue; she suggested a search technique that worked!

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Care to share?

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Oh, she said look for a user name of someone who had posted on the thread. That did it.

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I’ve also changed the search features yesterday… it’s different.

Great for specific phrases, not-so-great for a bunch of search terms.

We’ll be updating this on another pass.

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Bow down to the Fluther creators. We are really very grateful to be able to Fluther at all. Pay no atttention to our petty whining. ; )

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Oh great Fluther creators, please dont smite me for questioning your ways!

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Maybe we could nominate the Fluther founders for status as Greek gods?

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@Trustinglife They are far more deserving than most Roman emperors were if you ask me (see other thread).

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You may all relax. I just sacrificed a goat in the name of Ben and Andrew.
All must kowtow.

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Why would someone not want to let a thread die a natural death, though? There have already been a couple of questions about whether or not people are hesitant to post new responses to older threads, so there seems to be some consensus that if a topic has aged then it may be all right to ask it again. I’m not sure whether that’s encouraged or discouraged, but everyone has their own thoughts on it. Everyone seems to have their own acceptable, pre-determined freshness date.

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Everytime someone posts an answer on a question that has passed on to the second page it should ‘bump’ the question to the front page for further notice.

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