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Can your iPhone "predict" getting text messages like mine with a weird noise right before too?

Asked by Alina1235 (373points) May 29th, 2008 from iPhone

whenever I’m by my computer at home, at work, or just head sets in my control room at work, my phone can be few feet away, and I hear “ttd, ttd, ttd…..” and there it is! Lights up a new text message! Why does it do it when its not connected to any electronic device?

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mine does it too but I don’t know why, its probably connected to wireless signals or something

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are you talking about when its next to a speaker or wired phone? If so then yes, its just it starting to recieve information from the network.

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mine does too! And not just iPhones, most or all do that.

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Right before a cell phone downloads a text message or gets a call it get a signal from the network to boost its broadcast and receiver power. It also does that about every min or so. Basically it creates a relatively large electromagnetic signal.

A loud speaker, such as headset or computer speakers convert electronic signals into mechanical vibration and then into sound. So what you are hearing is the electromagnetic signal generating a current in the unshielded input wires that is then converted (or transformed) into sound. – side note, that is why speakers and microphones are called transducers.

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It’s not really “predicting” it – when it causes the speakers to make noises, it means that it has started receiving the SMS. Your phone only tells you that you have got the message once it is completely on your phone.

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Its the GSM signal bleeding on to other electronics. I find it to be the most annoying part of the iPhone. It happens on all GSM phones but seems to be really bad on the iPhone. It means if you want to use external speakers they have to be shilded from it or you have to go to airplane mode.

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that is so weird and annoying but kinda cool though, but sometimes its so loud on the headsets though, I have to take them off so I don’t go deaf LOL

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