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Gift ideas for a women in her early 50's?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11085points) June 4th, 2012

It’s for my sister. She’ll be turning 51 next week.

Nothing too crazy (activity-wise, she has back issues and limited mobility). She already goes for massages and pedicures.

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A pretty silky night gown that’s as sexy as would be appropriate, under the circumstances.

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Would a private lesson with a careful yoga instructor help her and her back?

A year’s worth of flowering plant a month from someplace like WhiteFlowerFarms.

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A housekeeping gift certificate.
A dining gift card for a nice meal for two.
An overnight get away, spring for the hotel.
Hobby related gifts.
Anything you know she likes but hasn’t bought for herself.
A gift basket with her favorite goodies.

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A really nice watch would be nice. Or a bracelet.

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I vote (more than once) for the maid service. Nothing like a clean house to make an aching back ache less.

Props for @Coloma

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hearing air
white cane
Zimmer frame

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I’m having trouble finding the perfect link, but a lavender herbal heat wrap that can be put in the microwave could be heavenly. I am finding some that are like a belt to support the lumbar. My favorite is like a collar and drapes over your shoulders and down your back.

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An album full of the photos you have of yourself and her in the same frame from childhood with your own commentaries on what you remember from when the photo was snapped. Somethng she can keep out on a coffee table if she likes or on a shelf.

Just be warned scrapbooking like that, with commentary, can be time consuming. Here are some sister quites.

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a fella in his mid-twenties?

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It seems like it’s more about her being your sister than being in her early 50’s. We don’t suddenly become all become the same “old lady,” the same “middle-aged woman,” when we turn 50. What would your sister like? You should get your sister what she might like or or want, not what some or any 50 year old woman might like. You know her better than we do. But, for me? I’m going with @Blondesjon suggestion, though I would prefer a guy in his late thirties, early forties, personally.

And @reijinni you left out the shower chair and the grab bars.

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Couldn’t agree more with @lillycoyote. I do like the maid for a day thing too.

Does she like to paint? Draw? What about a Kindle? Then you can buy/share books with her.

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Yes, I agree with @lillycoyote too. What, do all 50 year old women want velour jogging suits. gag….lolol

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Oooo, a Kindle. I like that.

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As someone who utilizes the services of a cleaning lady, I can tell you that mine is $80 per day, so although I think it’s a great gift idea to say give her a maid service for a day, that’s a chunk of change (depending on how much money you wanted to spend).

I’m 46, hardly old by many standards (although I understand that to some, I’m ancient). I can tell you what I like to receive as gifts – jewelry is always a hit. Maybe since it’s summer, something turquoise? Something made of shells?

Perfume is fun, even though people say it helps for people to try it on, it’s still fun to have a bunch of them. Clothes – a nice shirt if you know her size.

Does she collect anything? Any theme that she likes in particular, like certain animals? When people collect things, and you get them something for their collection, that’s always a big hit. I have a collection of salt and pepper shakers, so I love receiving them, and I also love cats, so anything cat themed is a hit with me. Does she have a pet? Get her something with that theme in mind – like the certain breed of dog she may have or if she’s into cats, it will go over well.

Also, once someone gave me a nice bunch of flowers and a nice vase, which wouldn’t have been a gift I would have thought of, but it was a nice idea and great to look at and think of the gift giver.

Frames are a practical gift that people can always use. A few frames wrapped really nicely will definitely be put to use.

CD’s – if she is into a certain type of music, even though she may download, she may enjoy a CD or a few CD’s of an artist that you think she’ll like.

Along that line, books are another thing- if there’s a book you think she’ll like, or a bestseller that you think she will like, go for it.

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@lillycoyote, apparently, I did.

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I found the gift I was talking about! This: is awesome if someone has neck and shoulder pain, and it’s kind of pretty ” I don’t know where your sister’s back pain is, but she might enjoy this.

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