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How to move iTunes music to external HD?

Asked by Perchik (4954points) June 29th, 2007

I just bought an external hard drive and would like to move my music off of my c:/ and onto the hard drive. I copied the my music folder (including the itunes music folder and everything in it). How do I update all of the references in iTunes? (in theory I can remove it all from the library and then readd it all...with 5000+ music files, this isnt the fastest task )

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copy your itunes music folder, including the itunes library file, to your new hard drive. then launch itunes holding down the option key. it will ask you to select a library... navigate to your new external library, and voila.

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Well I'm running on a windows machine, so no option key, but I can look around for select library (didn't know that option existed)

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on windows, i believe it's "ALT"... you won't find "select library" by looking around... the only way to get it is when the program launches.

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Yeah I know it's alt, I'm just not sure if that will work in windows, (I'm not sure if programs can be configured to different things on startup while holding a key down in windows.) I don't have iTunes on this comptuer, but I'll test it later and post back. Thanks again!

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in windows , itunes
2. click the advanced tab and then select "Consolidate Library" --- This will organize and copy all your music and videos in one folder which is My Documents/ My Music/iTunes
3. simply copy this folder to your external HD and your set.

also if you want to copy allall your songs from the iPod without even using Itunes,
get a freeware application called iDump (;=idump&tag;=srch) that lets you copy everything from your iPod and output the files in your external hd

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Theres actually a trick to downloading stuff off the ipod that doesnt require any external programs. Ask and I'll explain lol.

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you mean the trick where you enable disk mode , then go to to the folder where all the songs and videos are stored???

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yep :-) I've got a batch command on my comptuer that does it all for me

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