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What is something fun for someone under 21 to do in San diego after 10 pm?

Asked by sarbee (242points) May 29th, 2008 from iPhone
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Run to the border? I’m not aware of any curfews or age restrictions in Mexico, but I could be wrong…you should check first.

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Play video games.

Read a book.

Organize a gathering with friends at a local restaurant.

Attend your local movie theatre.

Read the newspaper.

Learn to play a musical instrument.

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Go to a coffee shop. Or a tea shop. Hit a bookstore like Barnes & Noble or Borders. See a late show at the movies.

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16 is the drinking age in Tijuana =)

Find a local laser tag place and do that. They usually have weekend games where you just pay for each game and you are placed on a random team. Loads of fun and an easy way to waste some time.

Its even more fun if you happen to breath in the smoke of a certain plant beforehand. You didn’t get any ideas from me.

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Lambs Players Theatre on Coronado has great plays.

San Diego Zoo often has night lazer shows

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Round up some friends and bake chocolate chip cookies until really, really late. Sounds cheesy, but becomes a serious riot after midnight.

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Movies, clubs (Not all clubs are 21 and over.)

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