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Might humans need some insect based nutrients in their balanced diet?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10214points) June 5th, 2012

Maybe we developed to have some insect proteins, etc. thrown into our diet here and there?

I know, I know, Americans eat a certain amount of insects every year, but still, maybe there’s a need for some raw insect enzyme somewhere.

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I think the west already suffers from “overnutrition” (that is a euphemism, btw.).
Though a crispy fried spider beats deep fried butter any day.
But poor countries that are ravaged by starvation certainly could use some additional protein source.

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I see no reason to consume insects if other sources of quality protein are being utilized.
If we were meant to consume insects we would have been born Anteaters or Bats instead of humans. lol

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Given the FDA rules allow quite a high amount of insect parts to contaminate foods like crisps and peanuts etc and still be considered safe for human consumption if we do need insect protiens we are probably getting enough as it is.

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@Lightlyseared Yep, my thoughts as well. However, I did not eat the pill bug I found in my soup once upon a time nor the green beetle in my chow mien. lol

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Probably not, or there would be a candied bug lobby.

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Good idea. You’re the bees knees!

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Protein is protein is protein. After it is digested, the organism does not know if it was a bug or a buffalo

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I think I eat quite a few in my raw honey already.

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@Lightlyseared crisps! you mean chips?

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@Ltryptophan no, I mean crisps. Chips are only served with fish.

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I doubt it. Where would Inuits have gotten it if it were vital?

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