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Why does my male cat smell the spot where the female cat was sitting?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9822points) June 5th, 2012

My male (neutured) is living with my g/f. She has a spayed female. I can’t even count the number times that he has gone over and sniffed the spot where she was (just) sitting. Flehmen reaction (the act of opening the mouth and drawing up the air to the Jacobson’s organ) is a’happen’, as well.

What’s going on?

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I believe that there’s still scent-marking going on, even amongst the fixed. Might be that.

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My dog sniffs her own spot! She’s a weirdo I yell at her to stop sniffing her crotcch spot, but she does it every time she gets up. She is spayed. Just checking scents I guess.

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Yep @Nullo is correct. There is scent communication going on betwixt the two of them.

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We as humans are so sight oriented and so deficient in smelling abilities (relative to dogs and cats) it’s easier for us to forget how important this is to them.

Their entire worldview revolves around smells so this is everyday normal behavior for them. This is their world.

Whenever I come home, my cat spends a considerable amount of time smelling my shoes. This is her primary source of information about where I’ve been and what I’ve done v

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From a vet’s website: “The anal glands are two sacs on the inside of the rectum that contain a fishy smelling substance that is normally expressed when the dog defecates. The dog’s ancestors used the substance to mark their territory. Occasionally dogs will express their glands when they are excited or anxious.”

Ahh, science!

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Cats has a keen sense of smell.Your cat is just doing what he has been programmed to do by nature. Our female cat does that same type of behavior. She loves to sniff everything and anything. She use to walk across the carpet (it is gone now) sniffing it like bloodhound, stopping now an then at spots that she thought was more interesting where she would display the Flehmen reaction. I suspect that she may have been sniffing spots where her catnip toys sat.

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