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What do they call this desk-lamp part? [See details].

Asked by ETpro (34557points) June 5th, 2012

We picked up a halogen desk/table lamp at Goodwill. It needs a bulb, but I have a spare. It’s also missing the circular, frosted-glass bulb cover. The three metal clamps for the cover are there, but the glass is missing. What is that cover, like the one on this image, called?

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Diffuser, I think.

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Yes, it is diffusers.

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Or maybe lense cover?

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@augustlan @marinelife & @Judi Thanks. I need to tack a name on the thing to go search for a replacement part.

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If you are unable to track down the part, a window shop could make one of tempered, blasted glass. It would be thicker and tougher.

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@majorrich Thanks. So far the search is not finding anything. I might have to have one made.

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