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Did my camera's flash bulb burn out?

Asked by chelle21689 (7770points) June 5th, 2012

I have a Canon s95. I’ve had it for about a year now and all of a sudden the flash doesn’t work. I notice that it tries to flash inside the bulb there’s a bit of a flash but very very very dim and not very noticable unless you concentrate.

I love this camera. What do I do to fix it and how much you think cost would be? :( I don’t think there is a warranty. sigh

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Hmm, No consolation but it’s probably not the bulb it’s probably something in the charge-mulitplier circuit that cooks up a high-voltage burst to put through the bulb. Same effect though, insufficient flash.

Cameras are difficult to repair and usually not cost-effective if done by the hour.
Contact Canon and ask what their charge for repair would be. If it’s a flat rate it could be a good deal compared to replacement costs. For the flat fee they may send you a replacement from returned/repaired stock rather than fix yours (so make sure you get all pictures off your SD card! And depending on their instructions maybe keep your card at home).

If I have a backup/alternate camera, I’d attempt a repair, or at least an exploratory investigation. But that’s me, I have lots of tools and experience taking things apart and successfully putting them back together. Still, cameras are so complex and jam-packed it is a difficult prospect. Arm yourself with lots of little screwdrivers and magnifying glass andlittle cups to put parts into. And take pictures (use backup/alternate camera) as you disassemble so you can figure out how to put it back together – don’t assume you’ll remember the details.

There’s an outside chance that the flash system is on a little module board and got itself disconnected. (In which case the fix is to plug it back in, easy! Yay!) There is also a chance that something obvious is wrong like the charge capacitor blew out and it could be easy to replace (assuming you also have soldering iron, de-soldering tool, fresh solder).

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