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What is NEVER going to work?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21654points) June 5th, 2012

What will never work, never function properly, never move smoothly? It could be anything from the economy to a kitchen gadget!

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Seemingly, the U.S. Congress. As long as it is as obstinately combative as it is now, it’ll never work.

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Peace in the Middle East.

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Τhe Greek economy and government corruption.

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The world, life.

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Me, spelling without mistakes.

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Diets where you have to constantly starve youself.

Trying to hold on to beauty with plastic surgery

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Development in India. It’s really sluggish.

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Stephen Hawking’s foreplay technique?

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A computer program that determines whether computer programs contain endless loops.

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This relationship.
I’m sorry @ZEPHYRA, it’s not you, it’s me. I just need some time off to…think.

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World Peace is never gonna work I’m afraid.

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@MilkyWay – Every century the world has become more peaceful. Look at the data. Projecting this into the future world peace can be reached at some point. Maybe between the years 2100 and 2200.

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mattbrowne I hope you’re right! We need that kind of good news…at least I know, I do

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Wishing. Pisses me off, too, because I’m damn good at it.

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