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Is $1800 for a kawasaki ninja 250 too much?

Asked by Cooldil17 (485points) May 29th, 2008

This is a retail store price, 2900 miles, blue, 2003, very good condition.

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Private party purchases are the better way to go in my opinion.

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way too much. Way, way too much.

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For an 03 250 in good condition I’d expect to pay no more than $1200. Less if I could get away with it. On the other hand, how old are you? Are you planning on paying with cash or credit? How is your credit?

When I was 20, I bought a brand new GSX-R 600. All in all, it cost me around $11,000. I totaled it the first day and tired out I had the wrong bike. While all that mess was being straightened out by the bike shop and my insurance, I had to continue to make payments.

Now, I told you that, to tell you this, about $4,000 outta my pocket later, my insurance payed off the bike and my credit skyrocketed.

So, I say if your gonna finance and you want the bike, go ahead. It’ll help build credit to pay a little more price and interest. If your going to buy it outright, Jew them down.

You may want to try Kelly blue book to see what the actual value for that bike is. That would help you the most.

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@randy: what the eff do you mean by “Jew them down?”
show some class.

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∗∗∗someone’s busted∗∗∗

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Didnt mean to step on toes. I hear that expression all the time when talking on the subject. For anyone offended, feel free to replace “jew” (which my iPhone capatalized by the way, my bad) with “haggle”. Cool?

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