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Do you consider alcohol a poison?

Asked by nonexpert (568points) June 6th, 2012

As asked.

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It is a poison.

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Sure. But so are chemotheraputic agents. I guess we all pick our poison, depending on the context.

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A common phrase when offered a drink is for someone to say, “what’s your poison?”
That’ll work.

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It is.
A cytotoxin to be precise.
Nicotine is a poison, too. A neurotoxin. And a particularly strong one, too. The lethal dose of nicotine is 60mg

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It is, technically.

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Yes, that is a fact.

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It’s a poison that destroys brain cells. That’s why I stopped drinking. I figured I’d lost all I could spare.

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Definitely. One of the many reasons I’ve never had it.

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Well yeah, like said above, it is poison. But what the hell, we’re all poisoned to some extent.

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No, I only use it for medicinal purposes. LMAO

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Water can kill you if you drink enough of it fast enough…

I don’t consider it a poison. The human race has been imbibing for millenniums and the odd drink here and there can have positive effects on your health.

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Yes and so does your liver. Your liver would greatly appreciate it if you stopped making it work so hard.

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Yes, that’s why they talk about “alcohol poisoning.” Alcohol can and has been lethal. Case in point: when Amy Winehouse died, the autopsy showed her BAC to be .416%. A BAC of just .30 can be potentially lethal.

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So can be water, eggplants and other various members of the nightshade family we consume, licorice, etc.

One should note that some alcoholic beverages are shown to have positive benefits, so… whatever

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Yes, technically it is, but…it is also called “spirits” because in moderate amounts it helps one access their spirit. lol
Moderate amounts of alcohol, red wines and dark beers are very healthy for the body.
Dark beer has as many bioflavenoids as red wine and boatloads of B vitamins and is considerd equal to the benefits of red wine.

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What are bioflavenoids? Either way I gots lots of those in me…lol.

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Yep. And I looooooove it.

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Google ” Dark beer and bioflavonoids” for multiple promoting articles. :-)
This Modelo Negra is for YOU!

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Poison: A substance that causes injury, illness, or death, especially by chemical means.


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Let’s put it this way. If something has been irrefutably proven to kill brain cells, what other term could one use?

As has been pointed out already, it isn’t called alcohol poisoning for nothing.

There are significant numbers of college students who have died (or very narrowly escaped death in the ER) from alcohol poisoning due to hazing procedures, drunken binge parties or the infamous “21 for 21” drinks they’re peer-pressured into for their birthday celebration.

What should have been a happy celebration of reaching “official adulthood” ends up as a wake and funeral.

21 drinks of alcohol in a short period of time is insane. And poisonous.

Those who live to survive this stupid ritual should be everlastingly grateful.

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Poppycock! Alcohol is a magic potion, a bracing tonic, and a delightful elixir.

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Cute. Of course it is~~


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@ratboy “I’ll drink to that!”

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Only if you drink it in excess. If you have limited amounts, it can actually be good for you.

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I would often wonder about that…as I was puking my guts out when I was young. Or maybe it was the puke itself that was bad. Or whatever was in the john that splashed up in my face because the last guy neglected to flush.

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I don’t put rat poison and alcohol in the same category.. no. Technicalities are for bookworms.

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A million times worse than smoking. 85% of police callouts are alcohol related. I forget the percentages of emergency room visits, spousal abuse, child abuse, not to mention innocents killed by drunk drivers. Bad stuff.

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@rooeytoo I think there’s more at fault than the alcohol in those situations. It sorta falls under the “guns kill people” category.

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No, but alcohol is not something U.S. society handles especially well either. It should be a small part of a healthy a diet, not something you down with your bros between games of blue darts at a sports bar. Though I’m sorry to say, I have to blame the prohibitionists for normalizing that. And if you’re running around saying it’s a poison that is the root of all social ills, you’re being at least as misleading as the people who think it should 10 shots/night is cool.

@digitalimpression: @rooeytoo is at least consistent, and wants to ban cars too!

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@bolwerk Actually I think Americans are a lot more sensitive to alcohol than the Scandinavians. Meaning, you’re not allowed to drink before 21 and over here it’s normal to drink when you’re 16. You should just come over here and see how wild it can be! ;)

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Well, one things for sure, those that aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer are certainly quickly dulled when given to excessive alcohol consumption. I enjoy a few drinks now and then but agree that overall, alcohol is the most dangerous and sloppy of all the potential drugs. Nothing worse than stupid, sloppy drunks. Unless it’s those that go emo too. lol


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@tups: I’ve been to Europe (am an EU citizen, in fact), but not Scandinavia. Consumption of alcohol seems rather high in many places, but incidences of dangerously problematic drinking is lower, at least outside the UK.

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@bolwerk Well, I’ve never really experienced America all that much, so I guess my knowledge is based on what I’ve heard. But I can tell that I have experienced some dangerously problematic drinking over here quite a few times. But not all times at all. We’re just having fun.

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@tups: I heard that Scandinavia has unusually high alcohol consumption problems, perhaps for the some of the same reasons Alaska does.

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@bolwerk What’s Alaska’s reason then?

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The same as Russia’s.

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Oh, because it’s cold or what?

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@tups: commonly it’s said that it is a problem in such places because of the lack of sunlight. No idea if that is true, but it is at least a common factor,

Alaska, specifically, has a large native population, and many Native Americans do have a genetic predisposition to alcoholism.

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Absolutely. It sent me to the hospital last week.

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@bolwerk Well, we don’t drink less in the summer.

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@bolwerk – that’s right, you think children should be allowed to drink at any age and alcohol is wonderful, how could I have forgotten. Maybe you should start a movement to have it included in school lunch programs.

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@rooeytoo: do you ever have anything to see that’s not a non-sequitur?

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@bolwerk – fluther is an opinion site, I give my opinions based on questions asked. You seem to take exception to my opinions and hit out with a few non-sequiturs of your own (when did I ever say ban cars)not to mention rudeness. I am not the only one with opinions opposed to yours, why don’t you, henceforth, accost them and leave me alone. (By the way your use of high school latin idioms is very impressive and I assume you meant “say” not “see.”)

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@rooeytoo: when was I ever rude to you? And, I’m not aware of any non-sequiturs I made, certainly not approaching the level of something as asinine as “you think children should be allowed to drink at any age and alcohol is wonderful.”

The comment about banning cars was making fun of your claim exaggerating the dangers of alcohol (“million times worse than smoking” – if that’s so, not drinking must be even scarier – or about 1,682,927 times worse than smoking, to be exact!).

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@bolwerk – as I said the last time you were on your alcohol is wonderful spiel, you are right, I give up.

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@rooeytoo – you’re giving up not making sense? You obviously didn’t read what I said, or you’re deliberately misconstruing what I said.

Response moderated (Flame-Bait)
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Children, children… don’t make me separate you…

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@WillWorkForChocolate It is “Don’t make me destroy you”

Response moderated

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