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Good places to get Absinthe in San Francisco?

Asked by brad (12points) May 29th, 2008

Any experiences?

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Here’ s an earlier discussion.

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I would say, “You would have better luck buying Crack!”

Not that you should!

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I know nothing about this, but I just walked by a place in Upper Market that had a sign in the window that they sell absinthe. It’s on Market near Noe… that cute cafe on the North-east corner of an intersection with lots of plants and trees, an outdoor seating area…. don’t know the name.

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Bourbon and Branch. It’s a rad speakeasy-style place. When you make a reservation (which you have to do, there’s no walk-in service) they give you a password and the address. It’ll be hard to find though- there’s no signage or even a number on the front door. It’s more the worth it, just for the atmosphere.

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