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How can I melt the hearts of the check-writers at EasyJet?

Asked by sliceswiththings (11656points) June 7th, 2012

Okay, this question is sort of a joke, but I do want semi-serious answers! I recently missed an EasyJet flight. I didn’t get the memo about the “Rescue” policy until it was too late. I paid for a new flight and ate the cost of the old one. I’d like to write to EasyJet and ask for a refund, but the policy is quite clear and doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room.

I figure the only way I have a chance is if I really amuse them or something. Can anyone think of a way to earn the laughter or affection of the British-owned EasyJet? Or if I send along a picture of me looking really cute and sad?


And “Nope, you’re shit-outta-luck” is not a helpful answer.

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The 1st Ferengi Rule of acquisition clearly states: “Once you have their money, never give it back.”
But since they are most likely not full Ferengi, you might have luck by kidnapping one of their children and demanding ransom.

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Well, you know. Time warps and things. Sex and musicianship. Offer to travel back in time and submit your rescue petition, while explaining that it would take an enormous amount of energy, probably sending the airport into a blackout for several days and disrupting a lot of air traffic, so wouldn’t it be easier for them to just give you a refund in lieu of all that?

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Ooh I like both of these!

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If I had a refund, I would tell 5 of my closest friends that a Ryanair flight attendant tried to molest me. Think about it.

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Why didn’t you know about the rescue fee? Whoever booked your second flight should have informed you about it. I’m all for the charming approach, but you should make it clear that an EasyJet employee failed in their duty to completely inform you of your options. If the company bears some part of the blame, you are more likely to get a refund.

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I’m with @SavoirFaire. An employee should have helped you according to their company policy. Did you mention you had missed a flight? How late were you t the airport? Usually an airline lets you pay a nominal fee and board another flight, which looks like EasyJet has a similar policy. Assuming you were just late for the flight, within their 2 hour rule, I would ask for a credit on the airline minus their typical fee for missing a flight and rebooking. You can throw in the funny stuff too.

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