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If you could back in time and save one person from dying, who would it be, why would you do it, and how would you make it happen?

Asked by trogdor_87 (1091points) May 29th, 2008

My Example: My Grandma, i have so many things to ask her, and I would not let her take that fatal car ride back in 2001.

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John Conner. So we’d have someone to fight the robots.

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I think I would save John Lennon unless I got shot by someone trying to save him themselves.

If I survived that savior attempt I would save a friend from highschool that died in a mundane traffic accident.

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My neice died in her sleep when she was 5 years old. This was almost 8 years ago. The medical examiner was unable to determine a cause of death, nor was the CDC in Atlanta. I would go back to that night and take her to the hospital so they could save her and spare my sister this horrific grief.

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i would save albert einstein. he made many contributions to the world and he would make so many more. also, he was offered the position of 1st prime minister of israel, but turned it down. if he accepted, many things would be different.

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Percy Bysshe Shelley:
He was an absolutely incredible poet that died early.

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Zack. Einstein was offered the position of second president of Israel, a rather ceremonial position, rather than Prime Minister. This leads directly into my choice:

I would save Yitzhak Rabin, assassinated Prime Minister of Israel. I truly believe that he was close to bringing peace to Israel, the Palestinians, and thus, the entire Middle East.

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mzack- but einstein was old, are you allowed to save people from dying of oldness?

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You could, he would just die right after you saved him. So its kind of a hit and miss.

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I would actually go into the future and save Barack Obama from being assasinated, as I am deathly afraid he will be.

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nocountry2— are you Hillary Clinton?

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I feel the same way! I would love to think that america has gotten over its racial hate history. But sadly it has not. I just hope we are both wrong in our judgement.

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Well, recently a good friend of mines son passed away, he drowned to death. He was only five, I’d save him because his life was too short. I would say my grandma, but she was suffering so much here due to cancer, I’d think it’d be selfish of me to save her from death because she was ready to go to heaven. Although I do miss her.

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its true that einstein was old and that he’d die right after, but his last words were in german and his nurse at his bed didnt speak german, so i would advise him next time to speak what language the nurse would be able to tell other people with(grammar?). the last words of such a smart man were lost and can never be brought back. im curious to know what was on his mind at his deathbed.

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JFK. I wonder how America would be right now if Vietnam and Nixon had gone differently.

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How would you save him?

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No one. They all died for a reason.

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my little cousin wesley. he accidentally shot up to much morphine. i turned him onto drugs when we were kids and i feel partially responsible. If i couldve i wouldve done whatever it took to stop him from shooting dope. call the cops, kill his junkie friends and dealers, tie him up take and take him to rehab.

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randy-what is the reason?

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@ebenezer- I’m not going to turn this into a religious debate, but to leave this world. You can put your own belief spin on it from there.

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My girlfriend’s younger brother. He had so much to contribute and his death brought so much pain to a wonderful family whom I love very much.

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randy- very well

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I know you asked for one person but, I hate when kids die. I think no child in the world should die…so I would give my life to save them all.

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I realize that we all must leave. But my answer is my father, just to be able to say goodbye to him, because his passing was unexpected and we had just in the previous few years become incredibly good friends who did a lot of things together and achieved a closeness that I never knew existed with a person’s parents. When he had lost both of his legs to diabetes he had lost a lot of his self-esteem with them, not feeling like a man because he could no longer provide for his family in the way that he felt was appropriate.

At some point he came back and changed, began to embrace life again, started dating again, my mom having left him after 42 years of marriage for someone else. It was the second time I had ever seen him cry, the first being the time when he had lost the second of his legs. He was such a fine man who had such a difficult life, even in his childhood, he broke the circle of abusing his children and was loyal to his friends. He was a simple man who never finished high school, but earned the respect of people he met because of his fine character, also facing and overcoming his racist tendencies that he had grown up with. He taught me how to forgive and be compassionate towards others.

Yes, it would be my father, so that I could properly say goodbye and tell him how much I would miss him.

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my daughter,passed away 21 years ago.

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I would save Heath Ledger, he was really sexy…..oh and a good actor two.

And maybe Princess Diana, she was pretty cool.

Or I think I would leap to the future & save Morgan Freeman from dying. I don’t think I can handle that.

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@trogdor: I’d get up there in the Book Depository, hide from Oswald, and pop a cap in his head.

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@deezer – That was beautiful. I have similar feelings for my dad and now I’m crying, AGAIN.

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That’s hard, I’ve known a lot of people personally who have died. But probably an old friend of mine who had killed himself and beat it into his head that he was forgiven for certain things he did. I’d like to say another friend who also died but then that would mean she’s still battling cancer so if I could take the cancer away then I’d bring her back too.

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My Brother Kraig. I would have told him not to go swimming that day so he wouldn’t have had the accident that broke his neck. It caused him 20 years living as a quadrapalegic, and led to his death due to sepsis.

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