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On Facebook, is there a way to receive notifications every time one of your friends updates their page, posts, etc.?

Asked by jca (36059points) June 8th, 2012

A friend of mine had this question. Is there a way to receive notifications (via email) every time one of your FB friends posts, updates, etc.? If so, what would the settings be?

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I know not an answer.

Let’s say I have three hundred FB friends…..

My e-mail now has 750 e-mails a week from FB. I can’t see why your friend does not just open up FB and look once a day instead.

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There are so many different ways to customize how Facebook provides notifications now that there is no one simple answer.

Please advise your friend to click on the Help function located on the top right of their screen next to “Home”. A drop-down menu appears that has the option for learning about Notifications. The friend can peruse through the steps on how to trouble-shoot the problem.

Here is the basic information:
I’m not receiving email notifications.
Follow these tips to troubleshoot your issue:
1. Make sure you have not adjusted your Notifications Settings.
2. Check your spam or junk email filter to make sure that emails coming from Facebook aren’t being placed in this folder. If they are, be sure to add the email domain to your email account’s safe senders list.
3. If you’re still not receiving emails from Facebook, please contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to ensure that they are not blocking email traffic coming from Facebook.
4. If the issue continues, please report it to us.

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@Tropical_Willie: The person is asking because they’re the administrator of a page that is for an organization, so therefore, I think he is looking for ways to receive information and vice versa.

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I know the option exists to “subscribe” to a friend which I’m pretty sure does what you’re asking, I don’t know off the top of my head how to enable it though.

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As page or group administrator, you can set notification preferences for that specific page or group. I think even members of a group can do that, but I’m not sure about followers of a page.

If you want notifications for certain people, it helps to organize your Friends list into lists according to how you like to follow them and/or whom you want to share your posts with. In fact, FB now has the “Close” list that is meant to notify for every post—I use it for those people who are important to me, so their posts won’t be missed.

I also went through all my friends and set my subscription preferences for each one individually. It was time consuming, but yielded favorable results by eliminating a lot of chaff from my feed.

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Add them as a close friend.

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