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Has anyone had a Dell Latitude D600? Your experience is needed.

Asked by guywithanaccountnow (313points) June 8th, 2012

Mine has a battery that only lasts 30–40 minutes. That seems wrong, so I’m wondering what to do.
I’ve thought of installing a secondary battery, and also replacing the current one, or maybe doing both.

Mine is used, which I know may affect how long lasting it is, so how long does a new primary battery last? How long does a new secondary battery last? How long does a 4 cell battery last compared to a 6 cell or 9 cell battery?

Also, I know that what programs are running, the screen brightness, etc. are factors in how long the battery lasts, so no one should say “the answer depends on what you’re using the laptop for”. What I would prefer is for you to give specific examples of what you’ve used your Latitude D600 for and how long the battery has lasted under those circumstances.

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I have a Latitude D630 refurb, so I would imagine that it functions similarly to yours. I’ve had it since December, and I would say that off the charger at top screen brightness, the battery lasts for about an hour or so of continuous use. It may just be time to replace your battery.

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I used to support both models. Your battery is going bad. I believe it is about 100 bucks for a new one, but probably less now. Give Dell a call.

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Also, int he future… leaving your laptop plugged in whenever you use it is terrible for your battery. To extend battery life, charge it until it is full, let it drain, and when it is near empty, plug it in to charge it. If you do half charges, it starts to confuse the battery over time…. and pretty soon a half charge will be treated as a full one.

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Your battery is going – but you already knew that.
I always turn the screen brightness down a bit and never use it at full. I get about 75 minutes of use per charge.

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