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If you had been the first human to set foot on the moon what would you have said?

Asked by flutherother (32108points) June 8th, 2012

“One small step for man” is OK, but with the whole world hanging on your immortal words what would you have said?

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Now… about the shoe contract!

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“Can we do that first step again, Mr Kubrick, I almost tripped over my shoe laces.”

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One small step for a human. A giant leap for COMMUNISM!

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(GladysMensch): I’m exiting the module
(Mission Control): Copy that
(GM): I’m descending the ladder
(MC): Copy that
(GM): I’m almost to the… what the hell…
(MC): GladysMensch?
GladysMensch do you copy?
GladysMensch do you copy?
GladysMensch do you copy?
(GM): Sorry, thought I saw a goat.

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Holy Shit! I’m on the moon!

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“Giant steps are what you take….... walking on the moon

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” Damn, needs some landscaping, let’s plant Moonflowers!”

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“Ooooo. Powdery.”

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This party is so dead.

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Can you guys see the seams in the backdrop?

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A writer greater than I once suggested the following phrase for the opportunity: Holy living f*ck.
I can’t top that.
Warning: Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket, that’s a lot of comedic profanity.

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I’m on da Moon (I’m on da Moon)
I’m on da Moon (I’m on da Moon)
Everybody look at me cause I’m walkin on da Moon (walkin on da Moon)
I’m on da Moon (I’m on da Moon)
I’m on da Moon
Take a good hard look at the motherfuckin Moon (Moon, yeah)

I’m on da Moon motherfucker take a look at me
Straight skippin on da Moon on the galactic sea
Kickin up dust, be whippin out my cock
You can’t stop me motherfucker cause I’m on da Moon

Connection Signal Lost

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I am THE Moonwalker!

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@King_Pariah What the fuck, mate?

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@Symbeline was changing up I’m On A Boat going too far?

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Well the idea of whipping out one’s cock while on the moon seemed pretty funny.

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Glad to amuse :)

Response moderated (Writing Standards)
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@King_Pariah For some reason, that song reminded me of: I’m on the moooon, I’m on the mooooooon…Suck my diiiiiiick, I’m on the moooon!

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Fuck you, Neil Armstrong!

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“This place is so desolate & depressing, bit like Scotland” ;¬}

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Golly, and here I am censoring myself. Heh.
Note to self for future reference: cussing is okay.

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♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ If you believe they put a man on the moon man on the moooooooooooooon ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

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“This place is totally awesome, I am so making it my new avatar.”

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@ucme The difference is Scotland isn’t as sunny and gets a lot more rain.

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Yeah. I’m Batman.

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Yeah & there’s a better atmosphere on the moon.

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Now I’m gonna be the new high jump world record holder.

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It’s really made of cheese

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Newt Gingrich is my President. BwahahaaAAHH!

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