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What's the best thing in your life right now?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) May 29th, 2008

What makes your life worthwhile?

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haha ..yea its pretty damn good

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My friends, my mac and fluther!

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fluther. seriously. it gives me a place to release my ideas. my friends cant hold a serious conversation if their lives depended on it.

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My marriage. My husband is my best friend as well as my love.

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Corny, but my marriage.

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<- My son and my wife. Shoot. That’s two things. I’ll say my family then.

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My wife and my daughter that is due in five weeks!

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My brilliant, absurd and wonderful girlfriend!

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A lot of things. My work, my husband, and especially my friends. Most importantly my GOD… I need the word everyday! If I don’t get it I feel incomplete!

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I got into Parsons School of Design.

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probably get to keep the macbook pro im working with right now, that’s pretty good to me

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All the new friends I’ve met recently! :-D

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my kids kids kids wife and cheese!

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@Bri_L A nice Wensleydale?

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(Someone should put a stickynote next to this thread warning you not to read it if you’re going through a breakup!)

How to pick just one best thing? I guess love. Love for everyone I love; love from everyone who loves me.

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my husband, my work, my little puppy and its almost summer!!!!! My friends!!!!

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graduation from high school!

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@nikipedia Wince. Small consolation in the midst of your suffering, I am sure, but I am confident someone who from their posts is as intelligent, witty, caring, and passionate as you are will find someone again. When you are ready.

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@ Marina Nice Wallace and Grommit reference

@ nikipedia – I am sorry to hear that!

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@nikipedia – you are not alone in that feeling.

To answer the question, my daughter who is my focus and my inspiration. She makes all the pain worth it.

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My Husband!

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Also Summer finally arriving! YAY!

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My daughter, my new job, and my SO, in that order!

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Every breath I take…..

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It’s summer!!!! I’m going to have a ton of fun. I just got back from Humboldt County for a week and I have plans to go to Mexico, Yosemite, and Santa Cruz. It’s shaping up to be a good summer. =]

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ninja gaiden 2 ! ! !

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Kids. Scotch. Kermit the Frog. My Ovation guitar. That’s pretty much all I need plus flutherites)

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My newfound independence, the discovery of my future career, and the guy that drives me crazy every single day…

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My relationships with the people I love.

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an erection and some fresh porn

well, ok, actually it’s knowing that i’ll have easter dinner at my gf’s tomorrow :)

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@iwamoto Redundant, no?

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