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A question for people who live in Orlando Florida?

Asked by ToxicLove (179points) June 8th, 2012

My dad and I are going to Orlando this summer for an event taking place near Bonnet Creek and we wanted to know of any malls or shopping centers close to that location.

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There is tons of shopping near there. What are you shopping for? Do you want an outlet mall? Higher end mall with Saks and Bloomingdale’s? Will you have a car? Shopping at Disney and the other parks also. Lots and lots of shopping.

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Winter Park is a lovely town near there to walk around with very upscale shops. There is also an upscale mall in that area.

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Orlando is a shopping mecca, just like any touristy area. They know that people on vacation love to shop.

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The Mall at Millennia is huge and nearby.

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