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What do you like best;Facebook or Myspace?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) May 29th, 2008

just wondering i guess

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Myspace, but i wished its mobile features were more like facebook’s

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I used to despise them both. It just seemed dumb to me. Why not just call or text the person. Just recently though, I got on facebook to talk to a girl. Stupid, sure but it worked out because I really like it. (To bad it didn’t work out with the girl.) I still refuse myspace, but facebook is ok.

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I use both but I like facebook much better

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Facebook seems more “grown up”, from what I’ve seen.

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i like facespace.

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Facebook. I agree with Randy on Facebook being more “grown up”

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@randy: facebook is great for communicating with people you dont talk much. For example, I am friends with this girl on my economics class. Normally i wouldnt talk to her much but the other day i needed an assignment and wrote on her wall. She replied with the assignment and we got to know each other eventually. As for why not call or text people ? When you call someone you have to deal with all the blabber like hi, how was your day,etc. It takes me more then 5 mins to get to point. Whereas with facebook its to the point. Plus i dont have the numbers of all the people i know

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facebook FTW! Myspace is clogged up and trying to be more like facebook.

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@mirza- I agree. What I always saw of facebook and myspace was friends messageing friends about non-sense that they could just talk about next time they saw eachother. Now that I’ve tried it myself, I’ve gotten in touch with old friends that I wouldn’t have been able to before, so I totally see the point now. Sorry for not clarifying that a little more.

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MySpace is designed to make you click through lots of pages – they make money that way. Facebook is designed for practicality first, and clicking through pages isn’t practical. Personally, I hate Myspace. The design is awful.

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Facebook, though the recent changes with the ads, mini feed and letting high schoolers (sorry but its true!) join has removed some of its charm for me.

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Facebook. Almost every MySpace page that I visited when considering getting one, made me feel nauseas, lightheaded and I thought my head would spin off of my shoulders, way too busy for me.

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Definitely MySpace. I guess they have been around longer and most of my extended out of town family and friends are already a part of the program. Getting people to switch to something entirely new or keep up with two different spaces sucks.

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I like Facebook for its cleaner interface, but then MySpace is probably cooler because it does allow for more customization. I’m over them both though. I rarely check either now that Twitter is picking up steam. I find it more entertaining to leave snarky comments on there than having to login and check MySpace and listen to my friends’ crappy songs.

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Facebook, it is way less cluttered and annoying.

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Agree w/ @Deezer’s assessment. MySpace is like a throwback to the web of 1995, with everyone embedding spinning icons, raucous colors, and lousy music on their homepage.

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For those of you keeping score, that’s 12 for Facebook, 2 for Myspace, and 1 for Facespace.

I think this video sums up my answer.

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I can’t make an informed choice because I only have a Myspace page. But I do like the customization capabilities. It’s kind of fun to create new stuff. I didn’t even know there was a Facespace. does that mean Facebook and Myspace had a baby? LOL!

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there isn’t a Facespace. whoever said it was a) trying to be funny or b) saying he/she likes a combination of the two sites.

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yes, I assumed buster was joking and just went along with it.

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