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Spent the day lmfao on imgur - what have you been doing?

Asked by zensky (13357points) June 9th, 2012

Be gentle mods – it’s my 200th question. For this account.

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I’ve been drawing, and cutting t-shirts.

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I started my day at 5:30AM by noticing, luckily, a recently dead mouse on my bedroom rug.

At 5:40 I was in the woods trying to remember where the mouse cemetery was. It is a pretty time of day.

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Working at dog training classes all day.

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House cleaning, trip to the fish market, cooking with the wife.

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9:50 am in California. I have been awake for about one hour now and am completely wiped out. Stayed up til 1 a.m. last night gathering up stuff for a yard sale I am having with a friend next weekend. OMG! I am so tired. The chaos before the convergence. More of the same today, but the list is shrinking, slowly, slowly. I think this afternoon will be occasion to break into the vintage happy brownies for a little extra creative boost while I tackle the last roving herd of stuff on the savannah of the micro farm. lol

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@cprevite Apparently I read too fast. I read that as “choking the wife.”
Weeding the garden and trimming my shrubs.

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Watching Dexter and surfing the internet. I did plan on doing some road trips and exploring, since I had Friday off, but two air masses decided they would like to collide right over where I live and make it rain all weekend, lol.

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My day is just starting, and I have a date for breakfast. I’m getting ready for that. :-)

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At work, dealing with complaints all day. Fortunately none of them were difficult or unpleasant so it was quite an easy workday.

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Sleeping lol. I woke up an hour ago.

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@chyna: That is occasionally an option.

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Messed about on the computer, read some of my library book and washed my underpants.

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12:14 PDT now. Still moving around stiffly, but….I feel my pistons starting to fire up again. Well lubricated with some good java. lol
Off to the store for a few things then, the delta lock down, close the ranch gate, turn off the phones, let the geese out to patrol the yard and savor a happy brownie before launching into the next round of yard sale madness.

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Been watching football (that’s soccer).
We are not amused…

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@rebbel Wanna Happy Brownie? That will liven up the game. lol

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Update on my day:

2:45.PM..I trip over a dead vole in entry way. MIlo is resting comfortably on the piano, have apparently had an exhausting day himself. I am on the way, again. to the bosky rodent cemetery.

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@gailcalled You need a flute and then you can pratice your Pied Piper of Milo town routine.
Hey, I up you one, just stepped on a tail less, mangled Alligator lizard on my persian rug. Nice! :-/ The blood should blend well with the deep india red. haha

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edit; ”...having apparently had an…”

How big is an alligator lizard? The name evokes a huge creature.

Never mind. I just found a picture. He’s a cutie.

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Went to the cinema to see Prometheus, came home & watched the footie.
Laughed when the Dutch got beat, groaned when the typically lucky Germans won.
Good times all in all.

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Spent the day lmfao on imgur.

Me too, actually.

Also watched a few episodes of Lost on Netflix. Love that show, can’t believe took me this long to discover it.

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Since today is just starting I will talk about yesterday. I stayed in bed let. Then got my hair done. Then went out to take photos of my city at night. Went out for some dinner and then watched some TV with my husband. All up – a lovely day.

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Playing / watching videos of other people play Minecraft. I’m not typically into computer games, but it is amazing watching some of the grand projects that people have built. This includes, but is not limited to, 8-bit computers, 3D printers, zombie factories, roller coasters, faction bases with lava walls, biodomes, various mods, elevators, animal cannons (space programs), and a device that runs a simplified version of Minecraft in Minecraft.

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I’ve been graduation party hopping for the past twelve hours, including my own. It’s been a really fun but very long day.

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Put my daughter on a plane to see her grandparents—she’s already having a great time. Then went to a birthday party for a good friend who just turned 60 and had me a great time!

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So what I actually ended up doing today; cleaned up the place, grocery shopping, played Little Big Planet 2 and totally got owned by a ten year old girl. She kicked me off a rock and Jason Voorhees killed me. I’m not making a joke, I know it sounds like it, but this is a game where players create their own levels, and you can virtually do anything you want, provided you learn all the programming and creation skills the game gives you. Of course I’m checking out all the horror themed levels. I’m nowhere near creating anything though…just checking out people’s levels. My Sack Person (yes, everyone starts out as an ambulant burlap sack) has a glowy light bulb like face with long black hair and some kinda belly dancer skirt, and then when that brat knocked me to my death, she was all like, haha I got the glow girl. I was all like, dang it…

That game is so addicting, even though I can barely understand anything. How did I run out of room for community items?? That can’t just freakin’ happen. Argh.

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Went to @Fly‘s graduation party, which was lovely, then came home and slept like the dead. Working now. Moved this question to Social. :p

Happy 200th question!

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Mazel Tov @augustlan re. Fly.

And thanks – but it’s more like my 1200 question you know…

@FutureMemory I also discovered Lost very late – and am very happy I did . Looking forward to watchin them all over again.

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Sunday 10:26 a.m. I out did myself again yesterday staying up til 2:30 a.m. kicking fanny on things. Whew…but it feels so good to lighten the load. Oh man, happy brownie mania works it’s magic. When I’m on task and in the flow wild horses couldn’t drag me away. lolol

Power went out for 2 hours up until dark so I took my Happy brownie white tornado self out and had a bliss out time watering my yard at dusk and then lit some candles and sat on my deck for awhile before the final 10–2am shift. THEN I had a mexican fiesta at midnight, beans, rice, avocados and tortillas. I was SO hungry and burned like 8,000 calories sooo, bring on the midnight party! haha

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Imgur had this comment – anyone get it?


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@zensky Well I see the face and arms, but I have no idea what that little box/symbol is.

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Ahem. The one on the left looks either like an electrical outlet, or a kitten inside a box. The other is a face, presumably some kind of animal due to the inverted triangle forming the nose…and it does look like it’s about to stick its finger in the outlet…O_o

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Or maybe it’s a mommy cat wanting to free her kid who’s caged up for some reason. Man, it’s so weird how being drunk makes me way less cruel than when I’m sober.

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I’ve been stuck at the hottest gym in High School history for 5 HOURS, sweating like hell playing volleyball. I’m exhausted…..

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