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Does online console  multi-player gaming use up as much as or less bandwidth than streaming videos on Netflix?

Asked by Sponge (541points) June 9th, 2012 from iPhone

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Probably slightly less. I’d say downloading a game uses about as much as Netflix, but most games seem to require 50kb/s plus, where Netflix or other streaming videos will use closer to 150 or 200 plus to work right.

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Netflix will modify the quality/ amount of bandwith it uses per quality of signal and internet connection. Even though video games can do this, it causes lag. Which means gaming consoles use up more bandwith.

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Netflix requires sending all of the information, including the video stream which is what takes up most of the considerable bandwidth.

Online gaming runs much of that stuff client-side; you already have the graphics on your machine and merely needs commands on how to position the stuff that is already in your computer/console.

For example, when watching video on my computer, I have seen my 7Mbps DSL connection running all-out (depending on the quality/resolution of the stream), yet when I play World of Tanks, my network monitor barely blips to one-twentieth that.

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