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Is it weird to collect magazines?

Asked by Brenna_o (1729points) June 9th, 2012

I read and keep every magazine I can get my hands on. Now I have over 100 magazines. Is that weird?

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“Weird” is too nebulous a term. Can you bring yourself to throw any out? If not, you may be on the road to hoarding or obsessive behavior or simply love magazines. !00 isn’t bad if you can still navigate through your bedroom.

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I have a personal pet peeve with magazines, because most of them have no benefit to people at all. It’s just a massive propaganda pamphlet used to make people buy stuff and be more insecure.

I understand collecting stuff, but if I see a stack of Redbooks on someone’s table, I may think it strange.

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I don’t think so, but maybe it’s because I do it too. I have tons of game and horror movie magazines, neatly stocked away in boxes, and I look at random ones every now and then.

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Been there, done that. Just be very selective about which ones to keep & throw the rest away. If you’re going to save anything then tear out selected articles. Better yet, scan them & keep digital files only. It partly depends on how much physical space you are willing to set aside. Keeping every issue of every magazine forever is the road to madness…

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It isn’t weird at all. There are enough people who succumb to this desire to put it in the category of a desire that is common in certain people. If the need to collect all artifacts of a certain group, such as magazines, without using them for their purpose refuse to give them up at a later date, then it becomes a problem

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I have them all neatly on shelves and I read all of them and I can’t throw any out but that’s all I don’t hoard anything else

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I keep many of the magazines I have purchased over the years. I still have several National Geographic magazines from the 60s and 70s. Those are very interesting to look at after all this time.

A collection of magazines comes in handy if you have school-age children. My children often had projects that required pictures cut out of magazines.

Weird? I think not.

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Just don’t turn into a hoarder with boxes of them stacked to the ceiling and only narrow walkways to get by.

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It depends why you are collecting them and do you use them? I collect gardening and ‘house’ type magazines but I use them. When I am looking for decorating ideas for my house or garden.

I have quite a collection so I have stopped buying in in the last year.

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No. What’s weird is if you pile them on top of each other to form a bed and sleep on it. : )

@Blackberry Hey, I’m pretty sure there are magazines out there with worth enough keeping stories and articles! Lol.

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That’s friggin weird. I’m kidding. As long as you look at them from time to time it’s fine. If you just hoard them it’s approaching weird.

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I think it is OK as long as you keep the amount within reason. Once your shelves are full maybe start getting rid of one for every new one you bring home.

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Also, perhaps go through them and cut out the articles you want and file them in some sort of storage system. Most of each magazine I own is superfluous to my needs. I only want certain articles/recipes/decorator ideas. When I have some free time I am going to make up ring binders with the articles I want. The rest can go in the bin.

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My mom used to clip the articles and recipes she wanted. She ended up with a big (and I mean BIG) file cabinet full of them. She seldom looked at one after she put it in there, she was too busy reading new magazines looking for something new to clip.

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I have a problem with collecting magazines. Cosmo, self, US weekly, discover, glamour, allure. I feel like I waste alot of money if I throw them away. I have discontinued every magazine except for cosmo and still debating on discover. My mom is a hoarder of dolls, you cant move in her house, and I vow to never be like her. The magazine problem is gonna end now. I will not be my mother. I won’t waste money on magazines that dont have great articles.

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Perhaps you could subscribe to the magazines online @sufferkate? I only just thought of this myself. I wonder if you can electronically clip and file articles from online magazines and keep them? I don’t have a tablet, but I wonder if you can do this on iPads or android equivalents? Then, magazine lovers could hoard them to their heart’s content, without the paper pile.

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I have wedding magazines cooking magazines arts and sewing and a few people magazines.

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@Brenna_o: What could possibly be interesting about stale gossip in old People magazines?

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@gailcalled Well, in a way it can be. If you look at gossip that was going on then, and all the predictions people made and stuff, and compare it to now…how right people are, or, even more fun, how wrong they were. I get a kick out of reading old rumors about video games, and seeing what actually happened. In a bit of a way, it’s a good assessment and observation of the stuff you like when it comes to its evolution and progression.

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I have a bit of an issue with holding onto magazines, too. I’ve altered my habits somewhat to cut down on it, and only save those I want to reference in the future. I still have way too many.

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Only if all the pages are stuck together, in that case i’d suggest getting a girlfriend, quick!

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Probably, unless they are educational, like National Geographic….Nat Geos are AMAZING in sososososoo many ways, I once found a 30 year collection in perfect condition (maps included) in the free section on Craigslist. I did double the speed limit on the way to the dudes house, loaded em up, and am slowly working my way through them. But, uh, if it’s People magazine, or XXL, or Cosmo, yeah I don’t see why you’d need to hold on to those. They’re extremely repetitive usually anyhow.

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@gailcalled i like to look at everything in the magazine like movie reviews and the perfume adds and such not just all the gossip.

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@Brenna_o : How many times can you read a movie review before it gets to be old news?

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mostly they are just sitting but my friends read them too

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i only have 2 people magazines though most are wedding magazines

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