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How would you behave if cameras follow your every move and people could access it live at any given time?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) June 9th, 2012

What if all of us are on live cam 24 hours a day and we don’t have a choice but to be seen and watched by everybody or anybody at any given time-? How would you behave-? ( Fun question…)

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There was a movie about this with Jim Carey. I think it was called The Truman Show.
I would hate it. You would never be able to relax, to scratch what needed itched, pick what needed picking without knowing everyone was watching.

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@chyna Scratching and picking? Oh man LMAO.

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Well, I’m with @chyna on this, in that you definately would not want to be seen picking your nose, or your butt! Other than that? Hmmmm, would I want cameras watching me poop, shower, sleep, eat, pray, play with the cats, clean my house or just change my panties, if needed? Er, no – I wouldn’t be able to deal with the stress – my hair would fall out, I’d be staring at the cameras, I’d have a nervous breakdown :(

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With seven billion people to watch, how likely is it that you will be seen picking your nose, and who would be watching? Consider the behaviors of people who live in the “Big Brother House” reality show. Initially, they are self-conscious, but after a while cameras are largely ignored (or they play to them, but that’s another issue). Extraverts would enjoy the opportunity to be watched, while introverts would commit suicide, but for the fact that someone might be watching.

The real problem with audio-video surveillance 24/7 is that the watchers will have an agenda, and they will find a way to do “dirty deeds” in private while punishing political actions that do not support the existing regime (think Orwell’s “1984”).

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On the upside, “talking to oneself” becomes “narration.”

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“talking to oneself” becomes “narration” and an oratory.

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I’m an introvert and there would be no thinking about the answer. No Freaking Way. I like my private life. I’m basically invisible in the world( I still work full time) but my home is my sanctuary, I have the windows covered with drapes and blinds shut every day. I don’t have any friends. It’s just a safety thing. I need my privacy. I feel safe. I don’t want people knowing everything about me, ANd I’m perfectly fine with this. People scare me, I suffer from PTSD, I would probably kill myself if I have been watched my whole life. I do embarrassing things all the time.

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At first I would find it very disturbing to be watched on camera all the time. I am quite sure it would at least initially lead to me modifying my behaviour. I think in time, if the positioning of the cameras was fairly unobtrusive, I would forget the cameras were there and behave in my usual way until I remembered them again.

If you walk around many cities now there are cameras in place. I am sure there is research available to show whether crime has decreased or whether there has been any noticeable reduction in antisocial behaviour. I suspect though, people would become oblivious to the existence of the cameras.

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Man, even when I’m sleeping? That would suck. But otherwise, in my every waking moment, I’d be giving it the finger.

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In general, I’d behave just as I do know. But… I’d have to throw a blanket over myself to change clothes, pick something, or have, um, personal happy fun time.

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It might be an effective birth control device. However, eventually most of the population would be exhibitionists.

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Exactly the same as I do now, fuck faking it.
Although I may act a little “diva-ish” from time to time, when the mood allows.

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What makes you think we are not already on camera 24/7? Do you think our current american civilization is truly private? I would say that we are largely observed in some way, every moment of every day.

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I think I would be tidier. Definitely tidier. And I would stop drinking milk and juice out of the containers. If people really want to see me naked, let them, but, blaaahhhhhkkk, it would be their dinner they barf up. I might get sexy time once a month (at best), but am well past breeding, so as for it being birth control in my house, not even close. My personality, fat butt and lack of boobs seems to be the only birth control this house needs.

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Do nothing so viewers get bored and the camera gets switched off.

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You mean like living in any city in the US? Or London, which has been deemed the most surveilled city in the world? Just as I always do. There is no change in my behaviour that I’m aware of. What they can’t see is how much I don’t like it. But I love Banksy’s take on it all.

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I shall count each camera I see-!

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