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Who knows the answer? [see below]?

Asked by anartist (14803points) June 10th, 2012

” ______!” said the queen. “If I had two I’d be _______.”
get it right and pose your own [old Catholic boys have an advantage]

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Bollocks / King

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Ovaries/Girl I’d always dreamed I was (I’m thinking drag queen).

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Scotch and soda/Partying all night long

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DH is a lapsed Catholic so I’ve heard this joke(?) about a million times.

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I think @CWOTUS nailed it.

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oooops I think that was toooo easy

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Opinions / lying.
Riddles / asking the answer to both of them.

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Mortgages / a typical working-class American.

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(NSFW) Jacks / less horny

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so I guess everybody knows why 40 courtiers died in a rush?

@blueiiznh that’s one very sensible queen!
@Kardamom but at least you can never be overthrown

more potential than I thought here!

@rebbel waiting for yours [riddles that is]

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