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Is removal of the "eyes" on a potato necessary before you bake them?

Asked by Tropical_Willie (22180points) June 10th, 2012

Just got through getting some potatoes ready to be baked. I removed all the “small” eyes, there were no “large” eyes.
Is that step really a dietary requirement?

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No, but many eyes on a potato are both unsightly and hard to bite into.

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No – I would just scrub it well.

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I recommend removing them because they contain a toxin called solanine which forms in the sprouts and green parts. “The Michigan State University’s Food Domain warns against eating potato eyes because they contain a high concentration of solanine.”

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Thanks @BosM ! ! I could not remember what chemical it was, they were scrubbed and “eyes” removed. They were huge Russet potatoes.

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Baked potatoes need to have some vent cut into them or the skins might explode. Cutting out an eye or two will do it, but _all of them isn’t necessary. I usually cut out the place where the stem was. You can also use a fork to vent them. If I’m going to stuff and rebake them (Twice baked potatoes) I make fork marks along their mid-line where I’ll be cutting them to take out the insides to mash, season, and stuff them.

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Nah. You just want to get all the woody parts out of the potatoes for no reason other than it gives people a “WTH??” moment. Won’t hurt them, though. Skins are fine.

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