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What should I call a single link that leads to all customer service/info pages?

Asked by ETpro (34436points) June 10th, 2012

On a web site, what should I call a link in the top navigation that leads to a collection of customer service pages, such as About Us, Contact Us, Map to Us, Terms of Sale, Shipping Info, Privacy Policy, Security, Links we Like, Blog, FAQ, and so forth?

What succinct word or words would instantly tell you that clicking the link will get you to that whole collection of information?

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“General information,” or “Comprehensive listings.” ?

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Users are already accustomed to that word usage.

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^^^^ Agree.

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If you don’t want to use Home, try Root.

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Are you sure that you have to have a single link?

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Change “about us” to “who we are”, and call that whole section about us.

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I like @poisonedantidote‘s ideas. “About us” is probably preferable, because it’s used more across many websites.

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I like the two answers above me. You could also go with “Customer Help” or something similar (the thesaurus synonyms for “care” are actually disturbing as they only display synonyms for the word “care” meaning “negative concern” for something).

As no one seems to give a crap about customers these days, some disarming clue that you care about customers could count for a lot in a subliminal way.

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You could call it a “Site Directory”, or “Additional Information”.

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That’s quite a motley collection, and not one I would expect to see. The only words that seem to accurately capture it are “other” or “miscellaneous.” It’s the links and blog that really make it weird in my opinion. They rule out a lot of terms I would otherwise find informative (e.g., “documentation”). Maybe “support” could work?

@LuckyGuy If I went to a site that used “home” to refer to anything other than the index page, I would think the site very poorly designed. Since this seems to be a navigation tab leading away from the home page and to supplementary information, calling it “home” would be misleading.

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@wildpotato Good call. That would probably cover everything but the blog—depending, I suppose, on what the blog contains.

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For me, it would be really nice if it was called Need Help? or Need More Info?

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@Dutchess_III “General Info” gets pretty close to it. Thanks.

@LuckyGuy, @Dutchess_III & @filmfann The site will have a Home page which will definitely not be the section with help and info files. It will probably have 500 pages or more. Root also has a defined meaning in Web sites. It is the directory that the index.html file (Home Page) goes in.

@marinelife I am certain I wish to have a single link, not that I must. There are certainly other options.

@rebbel That’s broad enough to grab the idea, and definitely succinct.

@poisonedantidote & @Hawaii_Jake I think About Us is generally expected to just be a single page that gives the back story and mission statement for the cite.

@Kayak8 Thanks. I will factor the considerations about “Care” into the decision. Good points.

@mazingerz88 I don’t think any of those suggest the particular grouping of pages in question, but it’s a hell of a list. How did you come up with that?

@hearkat Site Directory, Site Map and Directory are all common names for the list of all the pages on the site. But “Additional Info” gets pretty close. Thanks.

@wildpotato & @SavoirFaire “Reference” does capture the idea. Thanks.

@Kardamom Ooh! “Need More Info” gets right at it. Thanks.

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Maybe inefficient yes, but still, I’m partial to innovative, frown inducing terms rather than the useful yet usual words we see on a website. To simplify makes perfect sense but it’s just not that exciting for me. I had the impression you were looking for one novel term like…hmm…Infomatrix? : )

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@mazingerz88 I love it. That’s exactly what I was looking for. If I can sell the site owners on that, it’s going to be the anchor text for the link.

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