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How do I view exactly what other people see on my own Facebook page?

Asked by srmorgan (6768points) June 10th, 2012

Just wanted to know what other people are seeing? How do I find out if an app that I did not want to share posted to my news feed?

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There are two ways:
1. Ask a friend to bring up their news feed screen and either tell you what’s showing up or view it yourself. Anyone who has a FB account will most likely be willing to help you in this endeavor. App. posts by friends are annoying.

2. Create a second account and ‘friend’ it. I don’t recommend this one, as it is against FB standards but it works. It requires having a second e-mail address that is different from the one you use for your own FB profile.

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Do you have timeline? If you do, go to your timeline. Just below and to the right of your cover photo is a tab you can click on. It’s located just to the right of your Activity Log. Click on the tab and it will give you two choices, View As or Add a badge to your site. Click on View As and type the name of one of your Facebook friends. It will show you exactly what your friends can see on your Facebook page.

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@dontmindme I just tried that. It shows information that is available to others that aren’t FB friends.

@srmorgan I also need to correct the wording in my original post. What you post will show up on your wall as well as in your news feed, the latter only being visible to you. If the proper settings are customized, a post won’t show up in selected friends’ news feeds.

For example, I used to use a a FB app. to play a game. Since repeated posts about silly apps annoy others, I chose the filters to limit these news feed posts to only friends who played the same game. They still showed up in my news feed (which only I can see) and friends who were selected to see them, but not on the other friends. They still show up on my wall/timeline, unless I delete the posts or friends block the app.

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@Pied_Pfeffer I use the option all the time to make sure a few certain friends of mine don’t see what I post. It works for me. Maybe our privacy settings are set differently, that’s why we have different outcomes? I have no idea.

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@dontmindme My mistake, and I sincerely apologize. I overlooked a step in the process that you posted. Adding a friend’s name who has full access to view my Wall shows everything on the timeline.

Please keep in mind that is still comes back to the wording used by the OP. “My News Feed” is a term for the the messages posted by an individual’s friends, unless they are restricted. Even my SO, who has full access to my account, cannot read what shows up on my News Feed unless he were to log in as me. We have different FB friends.

Privacy settings is where it becomes complex. There are so many options that it isn’t worth going into here unless specific examples are shared.

@rsunset327 Clicking on your own name will only show you what your wall looks like to you. It has nothing to do with your News Feed, and if privacy settings are in place, then certain FB friends may not see posts on either your Wall or on their News Feed.

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@Pied_Pfeffer No need to apologize. Questions concerning Facebook can be confusing. Facebook is confusing! I wish they could make privacy issues a bit easier for us.

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@dontmindme I’m sure they could make it easier… if they weren’t so busy fixing things that ain’t broke.

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