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What kind of plant is this?

Asked by likipie (1454points) June 10th, 2012

It’s got a skinny stem with long, thin leaves that come out in one spot about half way up and the top is a pod like thing that kind of looks like a watermelon. When opened, it splits into three parts and each part is separated by a transparent wall like thingy and both parts are full of flat, tear drop shaped slices. There’s not very many of them growing, only about 10 but they’re kind of cool!

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Oh yeah, the pod itself is only about the size of a small marble. It’s not big, but it’s not tiny.

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How about a photo? “Thing,” “thingie,” and “kind of looks like” are not terms used in taxonomy.

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Ok, where do you live, what environment are they growing in, and how big is it? I gotta say, that watermelon comment is really throwing me off. A photo would be really helpful.

If you had mentioned a vine, I might guess passiflora (passionfruit, or maypop).

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There is the walking onion

It even has its own special site.

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I live in Eastern Washington, they’re growing in with a lot of brush like grasses and random weeds. The stem is about 5 – 8 inches tall and the pod at the top is about ½ – 1 inch tall and about ½ inch wide. I hope that helps!

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@likipie I don’t understand your link – the flower photo at the top?

Scroll through these images and see if anything looks familiar.

Oh, oops, you’re way out of my territory. I’m not going to be of much help.

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@syz No, there should be a picture on the post itself. Let me go check to see if it worked right or not…

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It’s coming!! Sorry for all the trouble, Xanga seems to hate me lately.

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Image came through; I have no idea. Does it have an aroma or a flower or any distinguishing characteristic?

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@gailcalled No aroma and no blooms of any kind yet. I’ve been watching it for a week and a half and it’s not grown, or started to open at all. My mother doesn’t know, my grandma doesn’t know and if I had a science teacher I’d ask them (but I don’t!). I don’t think it’s poisonous or anything I’m just curious!

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You may have to resort to sending the pic to your nearest agricultural extension office, or a university horticulture department.

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Yeah. That’s weird, no one knows what it is!

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Well, thanks anyway guys! If you find anything else that might be helpful, I would still love to hear/see it.

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@likipie: No,you have to continue the good fight; you have the plant growing in your back yard. Are you near Eastern Washington U? Someone in the botany dept. may be able to help.

Here’s a link to the Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Dept. at Washing State U.

Someone there will know.

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Then come back and let us know what it was!

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It looks like a seed pod to me… your description sounds like it, too.

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That is a strange plant thingy. I wanna know

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