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What is the creepiest bug you have ever found in your house or in your yard?

Asked by cheebdragon (18679points) May 29th, 2008

Its been almost 2 years since I have seen one around here, but just thinking of the possibility that i might see one in the future freaks me out!
∗Chills down my spine∗
You can see what they look like here
(they actually have the nickname Satans fetus)

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I dunno what it was, but it wasn’t anything my boot couldn’t take care of!

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Have you ever had a bug chase you? i hate that shit!

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Holy s#%^ cheeb…we must have a psychic connection-as soon as started reading the details of your question, I was thinking “potato bug!” Those things freak the he’ll out of me too-look like giant yellow ants!

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between the nice array of spiders that have long plagued me and my residence in this house.

there was a praying mantis that startled me really badly when i was 10 or 11. i had never really seen one before, and it just looked DOWNRIGHT scary at first.

we don’t get a whole lot of variety as far as insect wildlife goes in my area of idaho. :p

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@cheebdragon I discussed this briefly in a question on phobias. I actually called the police over a cockroach.

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I hate the ones with shit loads of hairy legs!

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sndfreQ~ Great minds think alike! ∗High-five∗
After you see a potato bug the image will stay with you forever!
One tried to attack my boyfriend, it crawled up the wall to get closer to where he was and when he hit it to the ground it started chasing him around! lmao

These FAQ are awesome

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lmao cheeb! That FAQ was hilarious…I bookmarked it for reference…torching a garden with gasoline-classic!

I think there’s a global consensus that these are foul creatures-just by looking at all those aliases…this was almost as scary a tale as the Chupacabra! (I laugh whenever I say that out loud)...good call ;)

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I hate bees/wasps etc. they freak me out… probably because I haven’t been stung in so long I’m afraid of it… but those bumble bees are so huge!

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The last question was a good one too! Lmao
I was having a conversation about chupacabras today! My friend and I were standing on my porch this morning and for some reason we started talking about the chupacabras and some Hispanic guys that are building a brick wall for my neighbors heard us say it and they started howling and saying “Chupacabra, Chupacabra” and they were laughing for a long time…. It was so strange

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8light~ LOL I fucking hate bee’s and wasps (and baisicly anything that can fly), I haven’t ever been stung and I want to keep it that way! If I see a bee or wasp within like 10ft of me I freak!

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I’ve seen a potato bug in my yard before. Actually, I was washing my car one day, and saw one squashed in the garage, so I must have run it over when I backed my car out.

The scariest thing I’ve seen though was a wolf spider. I was doing laundry and one came tumbling out of some clothes I dumped on the garage floor. I caught it in a jar so it wouldn’t scamper under the machines. It sat in that jar for a week until I could get my grandfather to come over and do something with it. I thought I could here it whispering expletives while it stared at me with his thousands of eyes.

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wolf spiders carry their babies on their backs

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hmm… either this, or this.

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shockvalue~ ewww

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Centipedes. And not even the ferocious, foot long centipedes of the tropics. Just plain old household centipedes. Sorry, I’d put a link on here, but I still don’t have the stomach to even look at a picture of one. And the worst part is they like cold damp places, so they’ll come out of your shower drain. I have had that happen to me numerous times. We seem to have a lot of them in the Midwest, but here at 7200 feet, I don’t think they exist. Thank God.

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@cheebdragon: I think potatoe bugs look kind of cute. They’re hard to kill though! When I was young my friends grandma found one on the drive way and freaked out. She poured gasoline on it and lit a match; it didnt die. She poured more on and it still wouldn’t die it just turned black and kept moving around. She freaked.

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Has anyone notified the proper authorities?

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haha bugs don’t really bother me. except spiders, they piss me off so I kill them.

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Sounds personal; do they (the spiders) ever realize they have that kind of power over your emotions?

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are they communist spiders?

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