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When is the latest date that Romney would announce a running mate?

Asked by Russter (242points) June 11th, 2012

When is the latest date that Romney would announce a running mate? In other words, what is the absolute latest date that he could wait before publicly announce his running mate?

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The date of his acceptance speech at the republican convention.

That wouldn’t be very smart of him, but it is the last legal date.

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August 30th is the last day of the convention, but if they wanted to delay that announcement I believe they could. The Democratic Convention is September 3–6.
In the past, the nomination changed for Veep. I don’t think there is a requirement for naming by any date.

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My prediction is for late July: It’ll probably be Paul Ryan.

When that announcement is made is yet to be seen.
If he was smart, it wouldn’t be two white guys on the ticket. We’ll see.

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If he goes for Paul Ryan, he loses the election. Plain and simple.

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@SpatzieLover Is there a black person who you think might be being considered? I have not kept up with politics the last couple months, I am waiting for the debates.

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Not a single one @JLeslie that I can think of. It sounds like Cathy McMorris-Rodgers might be this election year’s Sarah Palin.

So far, to win Iowa and Ohio, the talk is that Romney will need a white, very religious oriented running mate. That would be the same story for Wisconsin, if he even stands a chance of beating Obama here (the current polls show Obama ahead here by about 6%).

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Here’s the edited link for Cathy McMorris-Rodgers.

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Thanks Brian. I’ve had trouble with my links working lately

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