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Favorite pen brand/style?

Asked by pumahawk (42points) May 29th, 2008

i’ve been using BIC black standard pens for SO long now.

but, i love any pen that seems to mimic it’s feel. ink ballpoint pens usually leak or produce too much on the page, and i end up smudging it all.

so how about it? what weapon do you choose? :p

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A Mont Blanc was bequeathed to me years back, and i recently lost it-It’s like a lost friend, and no generic pen stands up to the feel and quality <sniffles>.

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I love the Eagle and Dollar fountain pens that I grew up with. I recently bought a bunch again and they write much better than the Mont Blanc (which I think is about the worst pen value ever). As far as the rollerball goes, the Pilot V7 beats the pants off my Mont Blanc rollerball. (The only thing I like from Mont Blanc is their pencil—its all mostly useless junk in my opinion.)

I would suggest giving the Pilot a try.

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I’ve used the gel ink Pilot G-7 for years too-but haven’t given the V7 a try…thanks for the “tip!”

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Awesome pun. You get a “great answer” for that one.

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glitter pens kick ass! I have every color!

⇐ easily distracted by bright and shiney objects…...

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It completely depends on what you are willing to spend and how you are going to utilize the pen. If you want a fairly inexpensive, dependable, comfortable and non-clogging/glopping pen I suggest Papermate FlexGrip Elite… it has a rubbery shaft that makes it comfortable to hold and it NEVER clogs or has those little ink globs along your writing.

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I used to use the Pilot G7, but when I traveled a lot I found it would develop leaks all the time on the planes. I am currently using the Pilot G2.

I love fountain pens though, always have.

Not to hijack the question, but its corollary is color ink? I hate blue ink. Black ink all the way for me.

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I’ve recently taken to the Varsity Pilot. It’s an inexpensive disposable fountain-tip. (I’m with you, Marina. Only Black)

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life is too short to hate blue ink ; )

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@breedmitch Love the look of that. I will go get me one today. Sorry, cheeb, in black ink!

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Pens seem so wasteful now-a-days. Especially when you paper into the mix. Between my iPhone and computer, the only time I use a pen is to sign my rent check, which is absurd that they still require checks and don’t take plastic, paypal, etc.

But now I’m drifting off topic even further.

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@Spargett You have a point, but there is not the same connection between brain and instrument when one is keyboarding as there is with writing.

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I use Pilot V5s for everything (I have all the colors…), though I used to use V7s. But today I received a fancy shmancy fountain pen as a graduation gift, and that seems exciting…

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It’s a Daniel Hechter – Paris pen.

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I use a Lamy ballpoint pen and love it! I have recently discovered that there are ‘broad’ refills which are my all-time favourites.
There is a Pen Shop not far away and it is doing really good business which, in view of the phones/emails taking over the world, I am pleased about! I love pens and decent paper.
I may well have to write to my sister now . . .

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