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What if Apple purchased Fluther?

Asked by whiteliondreams (1717points) June 11th, 2012

What if Apple acquired Fluther tomorrow?
Would you remain a member if it remained free? Would you pay for the service if it wasn’t free? How would you feel and who would you tell? If there were another network similar to this one, would you recommend it to others to join?
Keep it interesting.

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I wouldn’t pay for the service if it wasn’t free, but that would be the case even if Fluther weren’t purchased by Apple.

If Apple were to purchase Fluther (assuming that it wasn’t just a small part of a massive buy up), then thousands of new users will descend upon Fluther literally overnight. I image that answer quality (especially the rules about quality English), would go down. Unless Apple was able to maintain answer quality, then I may stop using it.

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I like apples with cinnamon, and a Fluther with cinnamon would be “Great.”

But cost me to use NO !

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I honestly don’t know why Apple would be interested in Fluther, but yeah, I guess I’d continue to use it.

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I would charge them to continue posting here.

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I would sell the shares I hold in Apple since Tim Cook would obviously be smoking meth.

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And then continue to use Fluther, unless they enforced a membership fee. Then it’s ta ta Fluther.

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I would not pay a fee, but I don’t care who owns it.

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A few (four) years ago when it actually solved problems and I learned stuff I would have paid 10 bucks per year. Not now. I liked questions where there was a actual answer. Now that it is mostly poll questions I care a lot less.

I used to come here first, now I do when I am bored.

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@johnpowell Join my crotchety old man group. We can bitch about how not every computer problem is a virus together.

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It would then be known as Flapple.

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@johnpowell & @DeanV If it is respectful to ask, what are your ages?

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I’d continue to use it as long as the quality of questions/answers didn’t go down the toilet, but I wouldn’t pay to be a member.

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There would be only one button. Which would make the site completely useless.

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As long as fluther didn’t lose it’s core values in the process.

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I would still use it as long as they did not stop sending me the lovely monthly gifts.

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No that’s strawberries, sorry….punnet.

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I really wouldn’t care who owned Fluther; I just wouldn’t pay for a site that was 99% user content. You provide me with information from professional journalists or experts; I might pay for that, but not for user generated content.

The only thing that would kill Fluther for me would be charging for it or forcing me to log on with my Facebook account, I don’t and won’t do that, or forcing me to log in with a Google account, like youtube. I don’t have a Google account, I don’t want one, I’m not getting one and if you require me to have one to log onto your site then that is then end of things, for me.

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If Apple acquired Fluther I would expect a name change to iFluther :)

But on the bright side, there would soon be a release of a kick-ass phone app which was actually fully functional and user friendly.

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