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pumahawk's avatar

bummer, thought i might be in there.

saw my friend though. very cool. that’d be a neat feature for fluther.

cascading all the user uploaded avatar thumbnails to make one large jellyfish. :D

DeezerQueue's avatar

Very cool. Kudos to Phoenyx for having and following through with a great creative idea!

bulbatron9's avatar

@pumahawk you’re in there! Look right beside the apple logo!

sndfreQ's avatar

Now that’s what I call a Fluther!

ebenezer's avatar

it seems custom made for my screen as well. great execution.

jlm11f's avatar

I saw it! And i love it!! How did phoenyx get all the avatars though? I know there must have been an easier way than copy-pasting each picture, I just don’t know what it is.

bulbatron9's avatar

Just don’t tell anyone I told you!

jlm11f's avatar

coollll. haha don’t worry, I am probably the only one that did not know about it! Thanks for enlightening me!!

sccrowell's avatar

That is too awesome, and so are you for taking the time or rather making the time to put that together! I’ve found myself rather my b/f found his then spotted mine. We’ve found many of our friends as well. Kudo’s to you!!!!!

eambos's avatar

Thats pretty amazizing! I even found my old avatar! I’ll set it as the backdrop for my iPhone =p

kevbo's avatar

Where’s Waldo?




breedmitch's avatar

He’s got 2 of my pictures in there!
It’s truely awesome. (sorry gail!)

robmandu's avatar

I like how willbrawn‘s avatar (2nd down, 2nd across) appears to be looking up & left, as if he’s contemplating how to get in the #1 spot.

LunaFemme's avatar

That is so super cool!!! I found my cutie in his tuxedo for all to marvel at. After all, he is the handsomest doggie ever.

Can I download that onto my iPhone?

phoenyx's avatar

Wow. Thanks everyone!

I didn’t expect this much of a response. I just thought it would be fun to make something for the fluther wallpaper question.

wildflower's avatar

Nice Job!
(and I’m only sobbing a little over not being in it :( )

wildflower's avatar

I stopped sobbing, I think one of my oldies are in there :) – w00t!

jlm11f's avatar

everyone is in it wildflower. you must have changed your avatar since phoenyx made the wallpaper :)

robmandu's avatar

well, @PnL, there’s 792 avatars in there.

I think I agree with you that that is likely to include everyone, since @Phoenyx only grabbed 850 total, and many of those were dupes.

It might not be a sure thing, though. :-\

wildflower's avatar

I think the duplicates outweigh the missing ones, so all in all it more than represents the collective :)

jlm11f's avatar

ahhhh i did not know that! thanks robmandu!

pumahawk's avatar

amazing. and thank bullbatron. would have NEVER seen that. :p

wizard's avatar

I’m not in there! =(

bulbatron9's avatar

@Wizard: If only you would have joined a few days earlier!

wizard's avatar

I’ve been on here for like 11 hours straight! =) Phoenyx I love that picture you made!
All I can say is dang!

ebenezer's avatar

I had to change it from my screen. I couln’d see shit.

phoenyx's avatar

Same here. I think it makes for a cool image, but not a very practical wallpaper image.

wizard's avatar

Phoenyx, anyway you could squeeze me in that radical wallpaper? =D

shrubbery's avatar

Wow. I love it.

jstringham21's avatar

That’s awesome. For some reason, I saw myself as soon as I opened it. Except it’s my old avatar, Bob Marley.

ebenezer's avatar

I toned it down on photoshop. It now has a pleasing pattern.

bulbatron9's avatar

Give us a link ebenezer!

phoenyx's avatar

Here’s a zip file of the images I used.

I’m sure there’s a lot of creative things you could do with them. I hope my idea just got things rolling and someone comes up with something else really interesting.

NeroCorvo's avatar

Any chance on an updated version @phoenyx ?

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