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Have you noticed the "change"?

Asked by Asul (51points) June 12th, 2012

How do we know we have changed today from yesterday? How do we know that a change in us have occurred in terms of our mental, emotional and spiritual being?

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Well, yesterday I couldn’t move my neck at all. Today, I can.

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To answer the question, I’d say that has to do with our basic sense of time passing. Time fundamentally is all about change. All of our clocks are based on change, more sand through the hourglass, more vibrations of the cessium atoms, more tick/tock of a spring&gear movement.
If there is no change then no time has passed.

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@fremen_warrior Maybe @Asul is from another country. Anyway, lurve is free and you can’t buy anything with lurve points, so really, what would it matter?

The world is constantly flowing, ebbing, changing. They may be subtle changes, but life changes every minute of every day.

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There’s an old Vietnamese proverb that says the same man can not walk up to the same river on a different day and touch the water in the same way. The man is different and the river is different.

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We can see when something is different. If the change is mental or emotional we can usually feel the change as well.

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I have to agree change in general marks change in time. I was eager to settle in to a little fluthering while drinking my coffee. Now I’m annoyed.

@fremen_warrior My guess is he left because he was humiliated and made to feel unwelcome rather than you being right about whatever you think he was up to. That was so incredibly rude.

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Yesterday I was an emotional wreck. Today I feel indifferent. And as most of fremen’s posts have been moderated, I can’t make a comment except if you think it’s spam, just flag it and move on.

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wish I could see what was removed from this thread

Yes I have.

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Everything has a beginning and an end. Cells in my body die and new cells are generated. Thoughts arise and vanish. Many changes are observable in real time and some by reflection. I have memories of my childhood and memories of yesterday’s events. The man I am today is different from whom I was a few years ago. I understand things now that before I did not know existed.

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You simply know when something has changed within you. If it’s profound enough, others will start to notice that too and they will start throwing rotten tomatoes at you their reactions towards you will change as well.

@chyna that was besides the point actually, but it doesn’t matter now, what is done is done. I will try and practice more restraint in such cases in the future, you have my word on that.

@Supacase I guess we’ll never know the truth.

@PurpleClouds oh no, you wouldn’t, believe you me ;-)

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Not personally no, but i’ve seen pot-bellied men in their fifties hitting the disco trail like Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, mid life crisis or what?
Looks like a bomb went off in this thread, on such an innocent question too, shame.

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If I miss three days of practice, the audience notices it. If I miss two days, the critics notice it. If I miss one day, I notice it.
Ignacy Paderewski, Polish pianist and politician.

It’s probably ourselves who can notice the change, though others can notice from their perspective too. I feel this is quite subjective. Different people may measure it differently.

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I don’t think I am giving anything away when I mention that @Asul‘s native tongue is Filipino.

The question is clearer if you say, “Have you noticed a change in yourself?” Using those quotation marks give the word a different meaning and weight, similar to waiting for the apocalypse.

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Mostly by memory of choices made in times gone by.

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Can someone PM me and tell me what in Sam Hill happened in this thread?

I know I’ve changed when I don’t feel the same as I did the last day, for example, exercise or alcohol.

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In the past I was a plain idiot but now I have turned into a complete moron!

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A few minutes ago I didn’t have to pee, but now I do!

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While you’re pm’ing @Blackberry, can someone please pm me and tell me? It’s in Social, so I am not understanding why all the moderation occurred.

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This morning I was one person, now I’m someone else.

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@jca: Frankly I don’t understand either. Some responses were modded that could not have been construed as flame-bait or personal attacks…

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[mod says] Since this thread has gone so badly awry, we’re going to close it in a few moments. This was, indeed, unfortunate.

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@augustlan My apologies for my involvement. My temper got the best of me.

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Just close this excuse for a thread asap, please.

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Just a final note, I’ve sent an email to @Asul asking him to rejoin us.

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