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Do you trust a pesticide that is a derivative of Agent Orange? It is called 24D.

Asked by philosopher (9195points) June 12th, 2012

Monsanto and other companies want to create chemicals that eliminate all weeds. Do you wish to consume weed killers that effects on humans are unknown?
Monsanto wants to force all of humanity to eat Genetically Altered food. They claim they have done conclusive studies on Genetically Alerted food and 24D. It sounds like humanity is actually what they wish to study.
Congress is not doing anything to prevent this. They are discussing such things.
No one knows what the long term effects will be because Genetically Altered Food and; 24D are too new.
Do you trust these products? Do you feel safe eating them.

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Is that the one that is killing all the bees? :-/
Hell no I don’t trust Monsanto.

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I think it’s pretty widely accepted that if any corporation could be labeled “evil”, it would be Monsanto.

On principal, I see the need for GM foods based on the ever increasing world population and ever decreasing arable land. The problem is the unknown long term consequences and inevitability of contamination. I’d have to look for references, but I’ve seen studies that show that something like 70% of our food production now has some degree of genetically modified genes in it (much of it unintentional cross contamination).

I believe that we will be the ultimate architects of our own doom. I don’t think it will be the cold-war era fears of atomic annihilation, I think it will be the result of our own tampering with viruses and genes, something that will eventually produce a world wide pandemic.

And to actually answer your question, I’d happily eat nothing but organic products if I could afford it. Sadly, I cannot.

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Actually 2, 4-D has been around for quite a while, at least 50 years. It is commonly used to kill weeds in lawns and crops. See those nice looking lawns in your neighborhood? Most likely they were treated with 2,4-D at least once within the past 10 years.
I recognize that we’ll never know the long term effects until many years from now. But 50–60 years is a long time for something to be on the market. If you are going to use it, make sure you use it correctly and only where you really need it.

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NOPE.. And neither does the UK :

Pesticides and cancer

Women with breast cancer are five to nine times more likely to have pesticide residues in their blood than those who do not.18 Previous studies have shown that those with occupational exposure to pesticides have higher rates of cancer.19 – 21 The apparent link between hormone dependent cancers, such as those of the breast and prostate, may be via endocrine disrupting chemicals [compounds that artificially affect the hormone system] such as 2,4D and Atrazine (both herbicides, now banned or about to be banned). The Royal Society [the UK’s main scientific organisation] recommends that human exposure to EDCs (especially during pregnancy) should be minimised on grounds of prudence


As more & more studies are done linking Lupus & RA to pesticides, Monsanto will begin to look more & more evil (if that’s even possible at this point).

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@SpatzleLover: I am originally from the U.S. state of Florida, and while I lived there, there were numerous (reported) cases of immigrant farmworker women giving birth to seriously deformed babies. As in, babies with limbs missing, sometimes all of them. I’ll never forget that. And few people care about them because it makes much more $en$e to care about the agricultural business.

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I will continue to read every label and avoid chemicals, unnatural additives, anything that has not been proved safe. Clearly Monsanto would like to test their products on us all.
@SpatzieLover I have heard this before. You are correct.
@bookish1 this is truly frighting and sicking.
@LuckyGuy I will not be a test animal if, I can avoid it and I will fight do avoid it with all my will.

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Why not? Botox is just botulism.

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I would not use Botox.
I know people that do and that is their choice.
LOL I am vain but Botox scares me.

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Besides @zensky Botox has not created new proteins, then added those proteins to baby formulas to then create a society of infant guinea pigs.

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My point is that if, people do things because they choice to that is one thing. Monsanto is trying to prevent us from having any choice.

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