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Where can I find roadrash game? Can I run it on Win 7?

Asked by prasad (3841points) June 12th, 2012

You can find here a screenshot from the bike racing game on pc.

Where can I find full free version (all five levels) to download? I guess the set up file is around 20 MB.
I have downloaded it, but when run on my Windows 7 home basic edition (64 bit), it runs but I cannot see it normally. I mean the game starts all right, but when I start the race, the graphic is really bad – like full of noise (photoshop term) and a bit of negative. The game runs on maximum 600×448 or so resolution and I have minimum of 800. Can I resolve this? Or have I downloaded wrong set up file? Is then there right file?

By the way, do you play it? Like it?

Thanks in advance.

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Best I think you can do (easily and frree at least), is just play it on an online emulator

Places like NESter or NEScafe

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Road Rash is awesome. Surely you can buy a Sega Genesis somewhere? Grab Toejam and Earl while you’re at it.

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@gambitking @silverfly Thanks. But can I run it on Windows 7?

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I’m not sure. I used to run emulators back in the day but it can be a bit tricky to find a good one. Keep lookin’. Watch out for viruses.

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@silverfly Thanks. I have two set ups (or games) of the road rash – road rash 3do. I tried to run it on Windows XP. Some tracks run fine (Napa valley, Sierra Nevada), but when I try to play on other track, like Pacific highway or Peninsula, it vanishes all of a sudden in the middle of race (and I see plain desktop). Then, I have restart the game and race, etc.

Am I facing problems because the game was meant to run on DOS or Windows 95?

If this doesn’t work out, I will try emulators.

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