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Anybody out there have any grammar/vocabulary pet peeves?

Asked by anartist (14781points) June 12th, 2012

Two of mine are using “enormity” [extreme scale of wrongness] for “an enormous amount” and using “nauseous” [sickening] for “nauseated” [sick]. Weigh in with gripes here.

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The enormous amount of improper usage examples on my list would likely nauseate you, so I’ll simply mention the two that are topping my list at present:

“There’s too many” . . . .I see this in mainstream journalism with some regularity.

“Myriads of” . . . the actual text I read the other day was “myriads of different kinds.” The house should be raided by the grammar and the redundancy squads.

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I often hear people using “laxadaisical” instead of “lackadaisical.” There is a word “lax” but no such word as “laxadaisical.”

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Let me count the ways.

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Youse are to anal.

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Knot me.

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Attention @gailcalled. Paging @gailcalled to a yellow courtesy phone.

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@jca pronunciation doesn’t count. How many times have I heard “Let’s go axe her?”
@gailcalled please do

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It is a fucking chimney not a chimbly nor a chimmly.

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The double copula, AKA the double “is”: “The problem is, is that…” or “The reason is, is that…” Some very good speakers (e.g. President Obama) do this all the time.

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“I could care less” for “I couldn’t care less.” Which do you mean? Unfortunately the phrase is gaining acceptance as it’s opposite meaning and there’s another change in the “living and growing” language right in front of you.

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Worse, and I remember hearing it when it started, “And then I go. . . and she goes. . .” instead of said. Sad.

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If I hear “I was like…” or “It was like…” one more time I’m going to lose my patience. How do you punctuate it? I’m reading it and hearing it more often than before.

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nookyalar. I don’t even know how to spell it the way people say it but it makes me crazy. Nuclear, nuclear!! Basically this, basically that. Liberry. That pitcher hanging on the wall. Gah!!

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“I’m like…she’s like….I want, like, a…” This is a true habit, hard to , like, break. You’d really have to, like, work on it.

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@jca DH says that- gahhh!!

“Between you and I”.

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@ccrow: Who’s DH?

@anartist: It’s in social so anything goes.

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Omg, don’t get me even started.

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I heard someone say “exasperate” the situation just two days ago. They meant exacerbate. This was just a one time mistake, but I hear a lot of people use “flaunt” incorrectly. They say that someone has flaunted the law. The correct word is “flout”. You can flout the law, and flaunt your new car. Hearing “was” where “were” should be also tightens my shoulders. And I concur with the above regarding; “And I was like”. I can’t help but pick it apart in my head, and the number of times I’ve heart this RIDICULOUS incomplete sentence; “And I was like, ... ok…” has pushed me ever closer to the edge. GAAAAHHH!
Also deliberate incorrect pronunciations like “redonkyoulous” and “cakalackee”. I’ve known people who proudly tell others that they’re from north cakalackee. Really?
I don’t correct people, ever, but I do avoid people who frequently speak poorly. It’s also difficult for me to NOT say something, like “What are you, stupid?”
Thank you for asking. I find it helps to vent some of this off once in a while.

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@jca DH= dear husband…it can also refer to him with a much ruder term if he’s being a jerk.

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@trailsillustrated Yes!!!
And of course; their, they’re and there. Then and than. Course and coarse. I could go on and on and on. Makes me crazy!

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I’ve been noticing a lot more people doing this; “Why do I hesitate an worry so much!?”. There should be a “d” after “an”. Most of the time I just shudder and remove question. It’s definitely not someone with whom I feel I can engage, and I’m sure I have nothing to say that they’ll be interested in. Why bother?

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REAL-TOR not realitor with an “i” in it.

I am not too crazy about “I see what you’re saying” although it is possible that it implies greater comprehension and/or acceptance than “I hear what you’re saying”

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@anartist Yes I can read and comprehend what you are writing.

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I heard someone pronounce “especially” as “ex-pecially” before.

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@jca oooo, right! And “ex-cape”, rather than escape, and “ex-presso” as opposed to espresso.

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talkin’ ‘bout the guh’mint
@picante thoroughly enjoyed myriads of types lol

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MIne continues to be “it’s” when the writer does not mean “it is.”

I mean, like how hard is that to learn?

I also have problems with inventing a word or term. For example, I read recently that someone wanted to “trial and error” something. Does anything go, at any time?

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I always like hearing people say “we conversatin’” when they mean “we’re talking.” As in Biggie Smalls’ “conversate for a few, cuz in a few, we gon’ do, what we came to do, ain’t that right, Boo? True.”

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