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Does anybody know what this word on this waste bin should be?

Asked by rebbel (24989points) June 12th, 2012

I have pondered long and hard about what word is supposed to be printed on this waste bin.
Which letter is missing?
Can you help me?

I so hope that it is not bloody obvious, thus making a fool of myself.

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It seems to be the name of a Greek waste disposal company.

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No letter missing Wastec AE.

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Wow, effing great detective I would make (not)...
I am in Greece, and it didn’t cross my mind to Google the printed letters.
Thank you both!

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Maybe it stands for “Wastec (Like, short and cute for Waste technology,)
O. @thorninmud has it.

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You could start a photo collection of interesting, typical, and amusing waste collectors around the world, if you’re interested in doing that. You have the first one, although I’d recompose the photo if I were you.

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Wastec is the garbage/recycling giant.

They are everywhere and like the world to know it.

They always have their name first – to remind us all who’s boss – then the location, abbreviated.

This one is at the American Embassy.

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contributor self-edited unfunny post

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Maybe it’s just extremely neat graffiti, stencils are so street-cred these days.

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