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At what temperature do cells begin to fry?

Asked by warriorwolfclaw (28points) June 12th, 2012

I’m interested in three types of cells. Brain cells which I have found the answer to on google. I can’t however find out when nerve cells, and muscle cells begin to fry. Thanks in advanced.

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Define fry please.

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Isn’t oil required to “fry” something? What are you asking?

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Fry- short circuit, boil, stop working.

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You are giving multiple definitions and states of being. They seem pretty much mutually exclusive.

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Cell death? I can find multiple references to programmed cell death (apoptosis) due to heat in various research organisms, but I’ve had no luck with specific human cell types.

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Try a search on Cell death by heat. I found a long list of entries.

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@syz yes cell death. I’ll try searching it with that new fancy word in parentheses. Thanks. I’m doing some research on the Miami guy who ate someone’s face off after snorting bath salts and on other cases like it.

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starts at different temperatures depending on the protein. A cell contains all kinds of different proteins.

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