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How fit are you?

Asked by zensky (13372points) June 12th, 2012

Try this quiz first.

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Things I can’t do:

I’m not very flexible, so I fail that one.
I don’t dance, so I don’t know yet.

Aside from that not bad, I do start to breathe more than other people sooner, but I do have athsma to contribute.

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And a lisp, apparently. JK.

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I answered yes to all of them except for the one about loading luggage on an airplane/train, simply because I have no idea if I can do that or not. I’m young and I exercise regularly each week, so those two things probably have a lot to do with my results.

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Piece of cake.

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Passed them all. I had to reach down to my toes. Who clips standing? I walk to work for the fun of it at times. I thought it was 4 miles. It’s six.

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For number seven, in place of loading your carry-on in the place above your seat – just pick up a piece of luggage the same sizeish over your head. Just saying.

And yes, we must all clip toenails while standing. God says so.

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Well, I guess I can standing up, but not folding in half to do it, I have to bend over a bit.

Why not just sit down? lol

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@Adirondackwannabe That’s what I thought… seriously, who clips their toes standing up? Just because it’s possible doesn’t mean it’s not annoying and/or stupid.

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No problem with any of these, though I’m not sure they represent a full range of fitness concerns.

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This is crap. I can, and do all of these things easily enough and I’m fifty-pounds overweight and a diabetic. I wouldn’t consider myself in shape.

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@cprevite Overweight and diabetes are the new fit.

And where’s the lurve, bitches? I may as well be posting my brilliant questions at Yahoo.

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Ten for ten and those are a light measure of fitness.

I believe I am fairly fit and gauge it by how I feel after or during various activities like:
A tough Volleyball match that goes 5 games.
A league racquetball match.
A 100 mile cycle ride.
(NSFW) a weekend of passionate sex.
A week in Vegas.

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@zensky You lurve whore you.

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You know it.

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@zensky Me lurve you long time.

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@SavoirFaire Sadly, we have no topics in common.

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@zensky Well, that probably has something to do with the fact that you’ve only added two topics so far. I guess you’re too good for a little seahorse porn, eh? ~

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@SavoirFaire always room for a little seahorse jello. always.

Also, my dear newbie mod, I remind you that you can make topics “visible” or not – which means I may have 5987 topics. I may have.

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Symby is stuck in a loop. And this is General. That really sucks.

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It looks like I’m in pretty good shape. :-)

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@zensky Well, I guess you’ve got me there. Or do you? Perhaps moderators can see whether or not you have any invisible topics!

No, we can’t. You got me.

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@zensky I think she fell asleep with her head on the space bar.

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Took the quiz, here’s what I have to say about the questions, using situations and my every day life in general as basis.

#1 Do you: Feel energized 14 hours after waking up? (If you woke up at 7 a.m., you should still feel awake and active at 9 p.m.).

Well I usually feel sleepy or drowsy, but I can muster energy without too much a problem if it calls for it.

#2 Can you: Carry large containers of milk or water in each hand, without feeling strain?

No. I get the job done, but yeah, strain galore lol. I usually don’t carry heavy stuff around in each hand though, so that I feel strain might be muscles usually not working having to work, whenever I have to lug beer bottles back to get them cashed in lug something around, like grocery bags or wtv. Not sure if I’d attribute the strain to bad fitness? Just muscles not used to working. Note, I’m not bloody Hercules or nothin’.

#3 Can you: Jump up and down 10 times, without causing your heart to race?

this test just wants to see bouncy boobs
Well I was gonna try, but it’s ten PM and my roomate might not appreciate me trying to impersonate Super Mario. I’m pretty sure my heart would race though. Sometimes I just go up stairs and it happens lol.

#4 Can you: Trim your toenails standing up-without any discomfort from the bending?

Probably. Although I do find that positions like that hurt my lower back if I stay in them for too long. Denno though, I don’t trim my toenails standing up, in fact I don’t ever trim them at all. lol

#5 Can you: Raise your foot as high as your hip when kicking?

Sure can, and even higher too. Not for long and sometimes it hurts, but I can do it. Fuck am I ever Kung Fu. Sometimes I turn on/off light switches by kicking at them. It isn’t always successful, but it works most of the time. Yeah sometimes I get real bored, especially when no one is looking.

#6 Can you: Twist and look behind you without moving your feet?

Whaaat? Easy, bro. I just tried, worked perfectly fine.
I can also walk down the stairs on all fours head first, spider style, and puke at the same time.

#7 Can you: Load your luggage into the storage bin above your airplane or train seat without strain?

Without strain yeah I can, but my pathetic lack of physical strength finds this a hard chore to do sometimes. If I miscalculate the weight, then I can mess up, and end up contorting myself in ways that can indeed inflict pain if the baggage or wtv decides to not go up there and fall down. Nothing severe, but I seem to have no ’‘death from above’’ strength much.

#8 Can you: Carry a large basket of clothing up and down two staircases, without struggle or strain?

No lol. I carry my laundry to the basement and back up, but that’s like, three steps. I hate carrying shit up or down stairs though. Usually because bigger sized stuff is hard to get a good grip on, and I’m always scared to fall or drop something lol. So I avoid it. I remember moving to this place with my dad on a third floor. Him and his buddy lugged up all the furniture, I took bags and some boxes. If I couldn’t hack it back when I was healthy, didn’t drink or smoke, I sure as shit can’t do it now lol.

#9 Can you: Dance to a fast beat for more than 10 minutes without feeling winded?

No way lol. I don’t know if it counts, but I played Sports Champion on the PlayStation 3 with the Move controller. Basically, the controller acts as whatever item you’re holding; baseball bat, tennis thing, and you move around like the real life sport in front of a camera which transfers the action onscreen. I played a gladiator game, so I had to fight dudes with a sword, and I was DEAD after just ten or fifteen minutes. (still went on after though, so it IS a good sign that I was able to, even if I was hurtin everywhere lol) Not dancing, but it’s the closest example I can use for the now. I did do tap dancing as a kid, and never had problems with it. I can do some of it now, but because I’m way out of practice after 20 years, I just fuck up and can’t go really fast, so I denno.

#10 Can you: Walk for 30 minutes straight without getting tired?

Hell yeah. Man I love walking, and I can do it for hours. It’s not uncommon that I take very long walks on weekends. Never get tired. Sometimes I get a little out of breath if I walk too fast for too long, but if I regulate my pace, I feel total fine again.

/11 Do you die from a heart attack every time you go to take a crap?

Er…dammit Zen, you always such weird ass stuff.

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Passed with flying colors. I’m a weightlifting so very fit :)

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Let’s just say I am God’s little paperweight.

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As fit as a hundred year old tortoise!

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I can do that list one better: I can carry a full laundry basket UP two flights of stairs and not get winded lol.

The reason I started running two and a half years ago was that I noticed I was getting winded as I ran up one flight of stairs. I was having none of that! Very soon after beginning a running programme my cardio improved.

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I am fit . . . to be tied. These tests are skewed to make it easier for people under 40 years of age to pass them. They should be scored with consideration of those who are handicapped or else we, who are not as able, should have a different test. You are fostering superiority complexes according to standards that are NOT universal! This could lead to anarchy and lawlessness. @zensky, there will be 100 picketers at your front door carrying large signs (a symbol of inner strength) at your front door to protest your thoughtlessness tomorrow, I mean today. I mean tomorrow we will be angry at what you asked today! Is that clear?

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@Symbeline Yes, but we’re still lovers, right?

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P.S. This has been moved to Social, so we are free to continue partying.

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That “quiz” made me chuckle, it was sometimes rather idiotic. I did pass with flying colors but I guess the secret 11th question that @Symbeline found proves I’m Elvis and now ya’all now what the song Hunk of Burning Love really is about (hint: I drop them every day upon my rock n’ roll throne)

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@SavoirFaire Party on wayne.

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Strange, I think I am quite fit, but not particularly flexible, so some of the bending business didn’t go well for me, but I will challenge anyone to a game of tennis or a run around the park.

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I’m absolutely gorgeous darling, oh you mean physically fit…...very is the answer.

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This test has a very low standard of fitness… I could do everything listed, so I guess I’m fit.

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I can do all those things but I wouldn’t say I’m very fit.

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I forgot to study so I failed miserably : (

LOL @augustlan!

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