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How can I become a nomad?

Asked by IzzyAndHerBeans (357points) June 12th, 2012

I’m tired of the norm. I want adventure…

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Quit your job, sell everything you own, walk out the door of your house of apartment and keep on walking. You can do odd jobs for money, or beg.

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Well, you have to, basically, move around from place to place, in order to be a nomad. That’s pretty much key. So, start moving around, from place to place and you’ll kind of have t nomad thing down.

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Homeless works. Just walk around a bit.

You’ve been here a year and 300 lurve? Seems you’ve been nomadic online, too.

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Join the Bedouins! Fill in an application and if you are accepted, happy trekking!!!!!

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The Journeymen in Germany live a nomadic lifestyle for three years as part of their apprenticeship as carpenters. They take nothing with them other than what can be carried in their small rucksacks, their tools, a walking stick, and their journal. If you have a talent, you could take a leaf out of their book and live the same way.

My niece is living a sort of nomadic life. Since graduating from college, she’s survived by living a simple lifestyle and taking a variety of low-paying jobs that usually include a place to stay.

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Get a passport. Buy a motor scooter. Off you go, if you have the money.
Seriously, consider the diplomatic service as a career. Become an excellent secretary and you may have the opportunity to live in exotic places. I have a friend who did this. Or sign up for the Peace Corps. Or a church mission. Lots of ops.

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If you are willing to confine your travels to the U.S.:

Sell your house.
Get a job where you can work independently a few hours a day using your laptop.
Hit the road. You can go by van or else go by car and spend the night in motels or state and national parks.

My favorite nomad was Charles Keralt. You may be too young to remember him. He was a television reporter for CBS News. He got them to supply him with a small crew, who tagged along as he bummed around the country in his motor home in search of human interest stories featured as “On the Road” news segments.

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Do like I did in 1977. My then SO and I sold everything we could not fit into our van, and hit the road!

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Sell 97-ish% of what you own and go. The problem for me is that given how the world is interconnected nowadays, there is almost no place left to go to, everywhere is near now.

Can’t wait for interplanetary travel to finally kick off ;-)

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