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Is it harder to make friends in Community College?

Asked by skateangel (321points) June 13th, 2012

I’m really in need of friends (or at least acquaintances) since I don’t have any and I was wondering if you guys think it’d be too hard to make friends at community college? I did go there a few semesters ago but ended up not making any, since they all had their own friends they’ve known since high school, and their own lives, etc. Which made me more lonely and depressed:( It seems like it’s much easier making connections with people in high school or a university where you’re basically forced to be in contact with each other. but I made the mistake of not going to high school so I don’t have anyone because of that:( I’m also definitely not the kind of strong person who can walk up to someone and start a conversation, cause of my social anxiety so it seems pretty hopeless for me:/ Can anyone give me some help on this problem? Thanks

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