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What are some colors associated with emotion?

Asked by AshlynM (9348points) June 13th, 2012

When one is excited, they’re tickled pink.
If one is jealous, they’re green with envy. Or envy is also described as the green eyed monster. Or I have sometimes heard yellow with envy.
If one is mad or irritated, then they’re seeing red.

Do you know of any others like this?

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Feeling blue.

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Have a yellow streak, yellow bellied.

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Yellow, meaning afraid to fight, or cowardly. Red with embarrassment (mostly, a face). Beige can be blah. I can’t think of as many as I thought I could.

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Green can also be associated with illness. As in, “He was looking a little green around the gills”.

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You can be in a black mood…

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Red – Anger
Blue – At peace or feeling blue
Yellow – Cowardice or being ill
Green – Envy or being ill
White – Fright
Black – Anger
Brown – Boredom
Pink – Embarrassment

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Yellow gets a bad rap. It is actually a very positive and intellectually stimulating color.

Yellow is psychologically the happiest color in the color spectrum.

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@digitalimpression Brown – Boredom? I’ve never heard of that. Interesting…..

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You can be in a ‘brown study’.

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Hmmm..well, my living room is brown, black and red, asian design, nothing angry or boring about it. It is lovely and soothing and exotic looking, like living in Jeannies bottle. haha
My bedroom is lime green, yellow and turquoise blue, very soothing and pretty in a retro sort of way. Maybe the touches of blue amend the illness factor of the green and yellow.
Actually it’s the Marsha Brady on acid theme. lol

Personally I think the most depressing colors are gray and navy blue, institutional and drab whether in decorating or clothing.

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Indian national flag has three colours. Saffron symbolizes sacrifice, white peace, and green fertility (think of green lush nature). Sometimes, people take it as: Saffron for Hindus, White for Christians, and green for Muslims. It is also believed that wearing saffron color clothes helps our intelligence.

When we offer flowers to deities, different deities are offered certain colored or certain flowers, e.g. Ganesh (God of intelligence) – red flowers, Mahadev (destructor) – white flowers, etc.

Many people like blue – that goes with sky or water. Girls, I have seen, like pink. Black is almost not used, except for vehicles. People in Southern Indian use dark and bright shades; see their television displays!

And sometimes colors go with seasons – red / orange for summer (it’s hot), blue (water) / grey (monsoon clouds) / green (lush nature) for rains, and lighter colors for winter (in fact, there is a phrase in our language gulabi thandi that means pink winter!

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Red can be happy, hot/sexy, or “seeing red” can be anger. The others I thought of have been mentioned already.

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@JLeslie Red is the hot color! Men dream of lady in red…and bulls…I don’t know

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