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Can you recommend a deodorant+ antiperspirant that you've used or are using that doesn't leave any residue on black clothes?

Asked by Sponge (541points) June 13th, 2012 from iPhone

I’ve ruined lots of black shirts/ T-shirts and I’m tired of that.

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Nivea roll on silver

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Pretty much all the shirts (work shirts and t-shirts) I wear are black, and I use Speed Stick gel.

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I haven’t used antiperspirant or deodorant for more than 30 years now. When I feel the need to wear it, then I take a shower instead. Antiperspirants never seemed to work well for me, and if you’re clean, then deodorant is generally unnecessary.

And yes, I can tell when I’m getting ripe; it’s not like I can’t smell my own B.O.

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Mitchum Smart Solid invisible stick

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Degree Clinical Protection, for women. This is also the only deodorant that leaves my pits fairly dry, unlike most others I have used.

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I don’t use deodorant. I make sure I’m clean and I’ve found that as long as I shower after strenuous exercise then I’m fine.

This works for me but not work for others.

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