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Is there an advantage to "ape-hangers" other than style?

Asked by Strauss (20452points) June 13th, 2012

I’ve known many who ride motorcycles, I’ve even been known to ride now and again. I could never understand how the tall-rise handlebar style, known as “ape-hangers” is either comfortable, or that it might add to safety, stability, or comfort of the driver. Any biker-jellies here?

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I’m a biker jelly. NOOOOO, there is no advantage to apes. The goal is to keep everything as centralized and tight as possible when it comes to motorcycles. The more you stretch out, the less aerodynamic you are and the less stable based on decentralization of the center of gravity.

It is completely uncomfortable, and makes turning harder (if we’re talking performance here), it effects alot more. That’s why you’ll NEVER see a sportsbike with apes.

It’s strictly aesthetics. Then it comes down to ‘to each his own.’ Some like the way it looks some don’t.

But there is no other benefit than achieving a certain look.

Ride Easy. Keep the rubber on the road.

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