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If you met your hero from a past era, via time travel, what internet sites would you show him/her and why?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14671points) June 13th, 2012

For example:

Abraham Lincoln, Maxim and Cracked.

He seemed to have a troubled marriage, and needs a pick me up.

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Oh man, Marquis De Sade would love /b/ for obvious reasons.

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I think Freud would’ve lurved us.

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Mother Theresa to feast her eyes on any porn site, even nuns should masturbate without fear of censure.

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Hello Ares, God of War… I’d like to introduce you to this Wikipedia article…

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I’d show hitler wikipedias page on him, and then peoples opinions of him.

Just to watch him turn into a cherry tomato.

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Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. I would show them ThePiratebay.

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I’d introduce the sci-fi author / futurologist / philosopher, Stanislaw Lem to TED talks he would, no doubt, have plenty to contribute. Either him or Isaac Asimov anyway!

@ragingloli and say: ” far the mighty have fallen…” ? ;-)

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Hmm…. Somehow I doubt the likes of General Sherman, Albert Einstein, and Saladin would really want to see all that porn…..

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@tedd I’m sure Salah ad Din would bite your balls off for showing him that lol

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I’m pretty sure Graham Chapman would have dug some of the banter on this site :-p

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This made me wonder what General George Patton would think if he came back and saw Fox News, CNN, etc and saw that the soldiers were able to call loved ones and even talk to them through computers during the wars.

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Haskell Curry is my hero, so I’d obviously have to show him the awesomeness of the programming language named after him.

I’d probably show Tesla

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