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Why won't this movie torrent play right?

Asked by sunshinedust (157points) June 14th, 2012

I downloaded this movie torrent and it will play the sound for the movie in Real Player and Windows Media on my computer but I can’t see the movie. I tried different media players thinking that was the problem, and also tried downloading from a different seed, and it still isn’t working.
Any suggestions?

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Most likely a Codec Problem.
Try VLC or Mediaplayer Classic
They play virtually anything.

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Seconding @ragingloli. VLC is good stuff.

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Oh my God, I love you guys!!

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download CCCP, the combined commuy codec pack, that will allow almost any format to play on your computer.

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Dude, VLC. No, but seriously you stole a movie?! Hope the fuzz don’t find out.

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